Follow-Me manufacture a range of remote followspot systems allowing a designer to use their existing moving lights as followspots.

Established in 2013, Follow-Me offers an elegant, cost effective method of replacing physical followspots in a venue or production.

Where traditional methods using FOH or truss mounted follow spots impose costs and rigging implications, Follow-Me offers an effective alternative.

Follow-Me has been used on a wide variety of productions around the world, by many leading designers.

Follow-Me Remote Followspot System

Follow-Me is an independent, affordable, network based software package that requires no proprietary hardware.

Follow-Me allows a designer to assign multiple moving lights from any manufacturer, in any orientation, to multiple ‘targets’ within a single system. Follow-Me allows full integration with a lighting console providing complete creative control and flexibility.

Sectors & Applications

Follow-Me is suitable for a wide range of applications including Concert Tours, Festivals, Corporate Events, Theatre, Venues, Installation, Film and Television.

Ideal Investment

A Follow-Me Remote Followspot System offers an ideal investment to a production company or venue, offering both cost savings and creative benefits.

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    Follow-Me is an independent, affordable Remote Followspot system that allows moving lights to be used as Followspots. Based on a network software package that requires no proprietary hardware, one Follow-Me system allows unlimited fixtures from any manufacturer to follow multiple performers.

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