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Green Hippo

Green Hippo media servers

Green Hippo manufacture an award-winning range of media servers with 3D mapping, real-time content generation and playback for Live Shows, Events and TV.

Formed in 2000, Green Hippo has grown from a specialist manufacturer of bespoke solutions to one of the leading players in the ever-growing field of scenic video.

Green Hippo has always been at the forefront of Media Server technology. Its award-winning Hippotizer software is now in its fourth generation and provides real-time video playback, manipulation and projection mapping for the Live Events and AV industries.

Green Hippo Media Servers Green Hippo’s MK2 plus range of media servers is a new line which builds on already incredibly powerful and talented plus machines, the range brings many user benefits, including the below standout features.

- Larger media drive for users to store and playback an increased number of media files
- High performing graphics engine for playback of large files across a greater number of layers
- Bigger processing system to cope with the demands of the built-in real-time VFX engine but also the integration of third-party VFX tools such as Notch
- Increased network adapter bandwidth for distributing content and show files across multiple servers but also allowing a greater number of NDI feeds in and out of a server

Sectors & Applications. Where are Green Hippo Media Servers used? Green Hippo media servers are used on world-class TV and Broadcast shows such as the Eurovision song contest, the Academy Awards and SuperBowl half-time shows, theatre spectaculars such as Cirque Du Soleil and American Idol and on concert tours from Beyoncé to Bruce Springsteen. They now reside in the inventory of most major rental companies alongside an ever growing set of owner operators.