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Chroma-Q logo Professional Lighting equipment from A.C. Entertainment Technologies

Chroma-Q Professional Lighting Solutions

For over 20 years, Chroma-Q has been setting new standards in professional lighting solutions; designing, developing and manufacturing innovative, award-winning LED lighting fixtures, in North America.

Chroma-Q take a single-minded approach, focusing on maximising the quality of light, with a mission to develop products that deliver the best possible creative experience.

Chroma-Q premium LED lighting products are engineered to deliver superior quality and consistency of light, for the most demanding applications.

Chroma-Q’s range of products include; LED Battens, Space Lights, House Lights and PARs, with white light, variable white and colour mixing options. The 'Color' range of products focus on smooth dimming and an extensive colour palette, while the 'Studio' range focus on perfect whites for camera. Chroma-Q fixtures are a great choice for creating stunning lighting designs, incredible images and truly immersive lighting experiences.