DPA design and manufacture world-class professional audio microphones and accessories typically used within Theatre, Live Shows, Touring and Broadcast applications. Founded in the 1950s, sound superiority and technical innovation remain at the heart of everything they do. Their product range includes microphones, microphone sets, headset microphones, lavalier microphones and a range of accessories.

DPA Microphones is the leading Danish Professional Audio manufacturer of high-quality condenser microphone solutions for professional applications. DPA’s products are globally praised for their exceptional clarity and transparency, unparalleled specifications, supreme reliability and, above all, pure, uncoloured and undistorted sound.

Sectors & Applications. Where are DPA Microphones used?

Live Sound, Pro Audio, Recording & Broadcasting, Audio for Video, Theatre, Education, Events, Performance Venues and Houses of Worship.

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  • Gooseneck Microphones

    Whatever the setting, DPA supercardioid gooseneck mics combine controlled directionality with excellent rejection of background noise into an elegant mic solution for even the most difficult space.

  • Handheld Microphones

    The DPA 2028 and 4018 handheld vocal microphones have extreme SPL handling with a 20Hz-20kHz frequency response. Can be used wired or can work together with your favourite wireless system.

  • Headset and Earset Microphones

    DPA headworn microphones, whether on one ear – earset – or two ears – headset, are popular because of their ease of use, amazing sound and flexibility.

  • Instrument Microphones

    DPA Instrument Microphones For Live and Recording. DPA instrument microphones include the award winning 4099 supercardioid condenser, the new 4055 kick drum microphone and specific mics for close or distance miking. The DPA instrument microphones offer a whole range of accessories allowing further flexibility for mic placement.

  • Lavalier Microphones

    The DPA lavalier microphone, also known as a lapel mic, lav, clip mic, body mic, collar mic and neck mic, is a miniature microphone, most often placed somewhere on the talent’s body as a bodyworn mic. They allow the talent to move freely while they are performing.

  • Pencil Microphones

    DPA Microphones’ Recording Microphone Series contains a wide range of versatile pencil microphones that can be used for all of your high-end audio amplifying and recording needs.

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