Green Hippo Hippotizer Features. Loaded with a vast tool-kit, Hippotizer™ lets you create, visualize, manipulate and playback video in real-time better than ever before.

Hippotizer Media Servers

Green Hippo Hippotizer Features

Hippotizer brings a new approach to real time video production in a 3D world. Hippotizer V4 includes SHAPE; a 3D projection toolset, a unique solution that is both quick to setup and easy to control yet still at home on the most complex 3D projects. Thanks to the FlexRes suite of codecs, Hippotizer V4 plays 4K or larger clips in Lossless quality.

Hippotizer supports both programmed Timelines with Presets and instant real-time changes with DMX, MIDI and OSC .

ZooKeeper, Hippotizer’s free network based control application, allows you to manage all controls on any Hippotizer™ on your network. Programme and run shows directly from the ZooKeeper interface remotely. Aids such as Presets, Timelines and a fully customisable user interface make controlling a Hippotizer™ with a keyboard and mouse, or a touchscreen, fast and easy.

How do Green Hippo Hippotizer Media Servers work?


PixelMapper is a feature rich tool capable of mapping many thousand light points easily and effectively.

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Green Hippo FlexRes Codec

FlexRes is a family of codecs built into every Hippotizer V4 & V4+.



Green Hippo HippoNet

Control multiple units from a single ZooKeeper with HippoNet

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Green Hippo Media Management

Each unit includes an integrated media management system. Adding media is easy and fast.

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Green Hippo Output MappingHippotizer’s output management system offers complete flexibility in system configuration.

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Green Hippo Real-Time Playback

Hippotizer™ V4 offers real-time control of any attribute.

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Green Hippo SHAPE 3D Mapping SHAPE is a complete 3D projection mapping tool set

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