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Green Hippo HippoNet

Green Hippo HippoNet Features. Control multiple units from a single ZooKeeper with HippoNet.

The heart of Hippotizerâ„¢ is HippoNet, the networking protocol which connects all Hippotizer machines together so that one ZooKeeper can control all the networked systems at once. HippoNet distributes timecode, media and playback synchronisation between systems to effortlessly control even the largest systems. Hippotizer supports direct DMX control through Art-Net or MA-Net as well as MIDI, OSC and TCP commands.

Hippotizer V4 supports CITP thumbnail exchange and streaming for easier control from lighting desks.

Playback can be synchronised to SMPTE or MIDI Timecode, or Hippotizer can generate internal timecode based on system time or a user defined start time.

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Hippotizer V4 HippoNet - Overview
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