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Green Hippo PixelMapper

Green Hippo PixelMapper is a feature rich tool capable of mapping many thousand light points easily and effectively.

PixelMapper brings the creative world of video to lighting fixtures. Massive output capacity coupled with an easy to use visual interface and live streaming previews makes Hippotizer’s Pixelmapper a powerful visual tool. Supporting additive (RGB) and subtractive (CMY) colour systems as well as intensity only, Pixelmapper can show video across the entire lighting rig from a single map.

Thanks to the streaming ACN (sACN) protocol and unicast Art-net 3 integration it is possible to drive hundreds of universes from a single server. Featuring an intuitive drag and drop universe patch system with node auto-discovery, the often difficult job of setting up the Art-net output is easy. Map creation tools such as a fixture based layout and .csv import simplify making and editing pixelmaps.

What features does PixelMapper have?

  • Profile based Pixelmapper

  • Art-net, sACN and KiNet output

  • Pixel accurate mapping

  • RGB and CMY support

  • True RGBAW support

  • Supports special channels

  • Output node discovery

  • Renders from mixes

  • Live previews

  • Pixelmap universe pre-patching

  • Industry leading output performance

  • Colour averaging

What are the benefits of PixelMapper?

  • Patch whole fixtures to quickly incorporate even the most complex fixtures in the pixelmap

  • Output to a wide variety of devices

  • sACN enables very high universe counts (>100 per system)

  • Map single pixel wide strings and dots with perfect accuracy

  • Map LED fixtures (additive colour mixing) and CMY (subtractive colour mixing) from the same pixelmap.

  • Output to RGBA, RGBW and RGBAW fixtures utilizing all LEDs for maximum brightness and colour rendering.

  • Skip or statically set certain DMX channels per fixture to map moving lights (set strobe to open for example) or skip channels that are not required (macro channels on LEDs for example).

  • View all Art-net nodes on the network for simple drag and drop universe addressing

  • The video source for Pixelmapper can be a separate mix to allow discrete content to go to several pixelmaps at once.

  • View the output of PixelMapper as a video output for full frame previews. The output can also be seen in the visualiser and placed on a layout for real-time previews right in the interface.

  • Fixtures in the pixelmap are patched to internal universes which are then patched to an output protocol such as Art-net. This allows maps to be built and patched without knowing how they will be output.

  • Render hundreds of universes from a single machine.

  • Correctly handles fixtures where multiple pixels are rendered to a single LED

Hippotizer V4 PixelMapper - Overview

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