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Green Hippo Media Management

Green Hippo Media Management. Each unit includes an integrated media management system. Adding media is easy and fast.

All Hippotizer products include an easy to use, feature-rich media management system that allows the user to manage their content locally or remotely. With support for all popular industry media formats, the MediaManager provides an intuitive interface between the content creator and the playback system, converting any files to the optimal internal playback format automatically. Furthermore, it gives the user detailed control over encoding parameters, bandwidth and colour space to ensure smooth, high-quality playback. A flexible media-mapping system allows swift organisation of extensive libraries into banks or bins all using an intuitive drag and drop interface.

The optional Remote Media Upload module allows the creation of a “Watchfolder”: a location on a network where media can be uploaded. This allows the system to be fully automated and content creation teams can generate images or video files which will then automatically appear on the playback device. If linked to a cloud based system (i.e. dropbox) this can also be done from a completely remote location.

Features of Media Management

  • Automate media upload via network or cloud

  • Automatically transcode media to optimal format

  • User friendly drag and drop management of banks/bins

  • Full alpha channel support for both images and movies

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Hippotizer V4 MediaManagement - Overview
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