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Inspire Mini
Chroma-Q Inspire Mini
Chroma-Q Inspire Mini - Black body
Chroma-Q Inspire Mini - White body
Chroma-Q Inspire Mini - Black body
Chroma-Q Inspire Mini - White body

Inspire Mini

Key Features:

  • Super compact - ideal for low ceilings or balconies
  • Powerful - 3,010 lumens
  • Fully homogenised beam

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Inspire Mini

The Chroma-Q® Inspire Mini™ LED houselight is a powerful and compact, multi-purpose creative lighting tool that compliments the award-winning Inspire™ fixture. The Inspire Mini continues to utilise some of the innovative core technologies found in the incredibly popular Chroma-Q Color Force™ range. The fixture has a wide 65 degree beam angle and features a shorter housing designed for venues with low ceilings or balconies.

Product Variants

Chroma-Q Inspire Mini - Black body
Inspire Mini RGBW
  • 3,010 lumen output
  • 65° beam angle
  • Black body
  • Connector type: addressing

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Chroma-Q Inspire Mini - White body
Inspire Mini RGBW
  • 3,010 lumen output
  • 65° beam angle
  • White body
  • Connector type: addressing

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The Inspire Mini provides a choice of beautiful whites, soft pastels and bold saturates – all from one fixture. By incorporating industry standard DMX-512 control, the Inspire Mini is able to integrate seamlessly with an existing DMX infrastructure and can be controlled by any DMX supported lighting console. The Inspire Mini provides an excellent selection of stunning mixed colours and ‘true’ whites with no unsightly colour separation shadows. The Inspire Mini also features an energy-efficient LED design providing reduced maintenance and running costs.

Products in this range include: Inspire Mini Addressing Black Body | Inspire Mini Addressing White Body


Fusing entertainment, theatrical and architectural lighting capabilities, the Inspire Mini has the ability to seamlessly transform the look and feel of a performance venue, themed retail space or house of worship.

A Truly Creative Tool

Whether used in an entertainment, architectural or house of worship context, the Inspire Mini provides designers with a tool to create environments that seamlessly transcend the physical barrier between the stage and audience through the creative use of light and colour. With Inspire Mini, effects can range from a subtle shift in colour temperature, to bold and dynamic colour changes.


The Inspire Mini utilises Chroma-Q ColorSure™ technology for enhanced consistency when using multiple fixtures. With RGBW colour mixing providing a high CRI of 90, the Inspire can achieve extremely accurate colour matching.

DMX-512 Control

Using the Inspire Mini house light’s DMX-512 input, it is now possible to seamlessly map ceiling lighting, introducing gorgeous soft colour effects and warm amber looks to engage and captivate the room.

Energy Efficiency

With an incredibly low power consumption of 70W, the Inspire Mini will show you a significant return on your investment with its high energy efficiency.

Camera Friendly

With an adjustable frequency from 600 – 4,800Hz, the Inspire Mini house light is extremely camera friendly and can be adjusted to eliminate camera flicker and lens glare.

Optics & Dimming

The Inspire Mini has a custom optical design which provides a smooth, uniform output, matched by theatrical grade dimming.

  • Available in a black or white body

    Beautiful whites, soft pastels and bold saturates – all from a single fixture

    Adjustable 1,000K to 10,000K CCT

    High CRI of 90

    65 degree beam angle

    Extremely smooth, uniform wash

    Theatrical grade dimming

    Ideal for house light replacements

    Silent convection cooled – no fans

    Multi-purpose – suitable for a wide range of applications

    Built in power supply

    Low energy consumption – 70W

    Available in either terminal strip or plug-in configurations

Inspire Mini - Variant Downloads

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