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LPC X Lighting Playback Controller

LPC X Lighting Playback Controller

Key Features:

  • Flexible
  • Custom interfaces
  • Remote management

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LPC X Lighting Playback Controller

The Pharos LPC X (Lighting Playback Controller X) offers an extreme level of power and integration, making it an ideal solution for landmark lighting installations with significant channel counts.

Product Variants

LPC X S3 10
  • 5,120 channels eDMX
LPC X S3 20
  • 10,240 channels eDMX
LPC X S3 30
  • 15,360 channels eDMX
LPC X S3 40
  • 20,480 channels eDMX
LPC X S3 50
  • 25,600 channels eDMX
LPC X S3 60
  • 30,720 channels eDMX
LPC X S3 70
  • 35,840 channels eDMX
LPC X S3 80
  • 40,960 channels eDMX
LPC X S3 90
  • 46,080 channels eDMX
LPC X S3 100
  • 51,200 channels eDMX

It integrates with the full range of Pharos Designer products and offers an optional real-time video input. The LPC X S3 is a next generation hardware platform with improved connectivity and new functionality with Audio In for Linear Timecode.

The LPC X is available in capacities ranging from 10 DMX universes (5,120 channels) up to 100 DMX universes (51,200 channels) from a single unit, with further scaling (for even larger architectural lighting installations) by using multiple LPC X connected and synchronised automatically over Ethernet.

Installations can be managed locally with the built-in web server, and from anywhere in the world via Pharos Cloud.

  • Scalable, synchronises with up to 40 Pharos Designer Controllers over network

    Audio Output with two audio layers; a background layer for ongoing audio, and an alert layer for high-priority overriding

    Simultaneous Multiple protocols can be in operation simultaneously. Limited by patched channels, not universes used.

    Scalable Synchronises with up to 40 Pharos Designer

    Battery-backed real-time clock for calendar and time-based triggers

LPC X Lighting Playback Controller - Downloads
LPC X Lighting Playback Controller - Variant Downloads

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