PROLIGHTS EclNanoPanel TWC Soft Light

Key Features
  • Pocket-sized soft light with wireless control (CRMX and W-DMX) and battery-powered
  • W RGB + Warm White LED source, surprisingly powerful 1,800 lumen output
  • Magnetized beam-shaping optical accessories are available
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Key Features
  • Pocket-sized soft light with wireless control (CRMX and W-DMX) and battery-powered
  • W RGB + Warm White LED source, surprisingly powerful 1,800 lumen output
  • Magnetized beam-shaping optical accessories are available

The PROLIGHTS EclNanoPanel TWC is the smallest member of the EclPanel range, containing all the outstanding features of the larger format soft lights in a pocket-sized, battery-operated luminaire with a surprisingly powerful 1,800-lumen output.

PROLIGHTS EclNanoPanel TWC Soft Light

This compact fixture has the same colour technology as the other soft lights, producing rich colours, high-quality white tones, colour gel matching, and onboard pixel cinema effects.

The EclNanoPanel TWC has three precision encoders with multiple stand-alone control modes: CCT with +/- green shift, CCT presets, HSI for total control of hue, saturation and intensity, RAW RGBW mode, XY and FX mode, allowing to scroll through the built-in cinema effects engine.

Each of the four sections has individual or simultaneous control, allowing to play customisable, cinematic effects through its FX engine or from a console.

Magnetized beam-shaping optical accessories are available, including eggcrates, barndoors, diffusers, and threads for easy mounting on stands or camera rigs.

The fixture is controlled from its user interface or via the built-in Wireless DMX/RDM transceiver (CRMX and W-DMX).

EclNanoPanel TWC Light Source

  • Source: 30W RGB + Warm White
  • Luminous flux: 1,829 lm @ 3,200K with LD filter
  • Lux: 690 lx @ 1m
  • CRI: 94.6 @ 3,200K; 94.9 @ 5,600K
  • R9: 97.1 @ 3,200K; 96 @ 5,600K
  • TLCI: 92 @ 5,600K
  • TM30 Rf: 97.7 @ 3,200K; 89.3 @ 5,600K
  • TM30 Rg: 102.5 @ 3,200K; 102.3 @ 5,600K
  • Source life expectancy: > 50,000hr

Optics & Colour System

  • Beam angle: 105°
  • Field angle: 159°
  • Lens type: magnetic light density diffusion panel (interchangeable)
  • Additional optics: see available accessories
  • Colour control: XY, CCT, RGBW, Gel, HSI, Source Emulation, colour macros, CTO on colours
  • Colour mixing: RGB + Warm White
  • CCT: CCT control range from 2,200K to 15,000K, + / – green correction, tungsten emulation
  • White presets: 2,800K – 10,000K
  • Colour wheel: virtual colour wheel with macros
  • Macros: several pre-built pixel macros with adjustable speed
  • Control resolution: 16-bit dimmer, colours
  • Pixel patterns: pre-programmed pixel macros and cinema lighting effects patterns
  • FX generator: 4 controllable sections
  • Static mode: selection of static colour
  • Manual mode: manual adjustment of intensity, CT, colour correction from knob
  • Auto mode: built-in programs with execution speed adjustment
  • Special features: linear crossfade channel from any white to any colour; virtual CTO on colours

Body, Control & Electronics

  • Body: sturdy policarbonate body
  • Body colour: black
  • Protocols: CRMX+W-DMX, DMX512, RDM
  • Stand alone: selectable mode through 3 rotatory knobs
  • Wireless control: included, LumenRadio Timo Fx DMX/RDM compatible with both CRMX (Lumen Radio) and W-DMX (Wireless DMX)
  • RDM: RDM for remote monitoring and settings
  • Display: graphic user interface
  • Firmware upgrade: yes, via USB – DMX interface (UPBOX1+ENPTWCYCABLE) not included
  • IR: infrared sensor controlled by remote (included in the pack, not included in single unit)
  • Master/slave: for synchronised operation of more units linked in a chain
  • Dimmer: linear 0 ~ 100% electronic dimmer
  • Dimmer curves: 4 selectable dimming modes available
  • Strobe / shutter: 1 – 30Hz, electronic
  • Operating temperature: 0° ~ +45°
  • LED Control: flicker free frequency with adjustable PWM
  • Selectable PWM: 600 ~ 36,000H
  • Max power consumption: 32W
  • Mains power supply: DC 12V
  • Power factor: >0.97
  • Battery: 11.1V lithium
  • Estimated battery life: (selectable) 2h – 6h – 8h – 12h – 18h
  • Re-charge connection: USB type C
  • Re-charge time: 2.5h/max
  • Battery status: shown on display
  • IP rating: 20
  • Cooling: passive cooling and fan-free
  • Suspension and fixing: M5 and 1/4” threaded insert for easy installation
  • Adaptors: USB type C to XLR connectors
  • Low Voltage DC connector: USB type C
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 150x150x69.5mm / 5.91”x5.91”x2.74”
  • Weight: 1.2kg / 2.65lbs

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