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MX30 LED Display Controller
Novastar MX30
Novastar MX30
Novastar MX30
Novastar MX30
Novastar MX30
Novastar MX30
Novastar MX30
Novastar MX30
Novastar MX30
Novastar MX30
Novastar MX30
Novastar MX30
Novastar MX30

MX30 LED Display Controller

Key Features:

  • Fine grayscale
  • More realistic color
  • Higher contrast ratio

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MX30 LED Display Controller

The NovaStar MX30 is an all-in-one LED display controller.

This controller integrates video processing and video control into one box and offers rich video input connectors (HDMI 2.0, HDMI 1.4, DP 1.1 and 3G-SDI), 10x Ethernet output ports and 2x 10G optical ports. It can also work with the brand-new software VMP (Vision Management Platform) to provide a better operation and control experience.

  • 3 independent layers

    Support 4 image scaling modes: custom, pixel to pixel, snap to canvas and fill screen.

    14Ch Color Correction

    Full Grayscale Calibration


    Supports low latency

    Supports additional latency, 0 to 2 frames of latency can be added at the controller.

    Frame rate adaptive, various video input frame rates, including decimal frame rates.

    Two working modes, All-In-One Controller and Send-Only Controller working modes.

    Display system monitoring

  • 1x HDMI 2.0 (with loop through)

    1x HDMI 1.4 (with loop through)

    1x DP 1.1

    2x 3G-SDI (with loop through)

    10-bit and 8-bit video inputs

  • 10x Gigabit Ethernet ports, load capacity up to 6.5 million pixels

    2x 10G optical ports

    1x SPDIF digital audio port

  • 1x Genlock signal input (with loop through)

    2x Ethernet control ports

    1x Auxiliary port

MX30 LED Display Controller - Downloads
NovaStar MX30 Specs

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