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Lodestar Direct Control
CM-ET Lodestar Electric Chain Hoists

Lodestar Direct Control

Key Features:

  • 8:1 design safety factor on load chain
  • Available with a range of features to your own specifications
  • Our in-house department can assemble, inspect and repair Lodestar hoists

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Lodestar Direct Control

The Columbus Mckinnon (CM-ET) Lodestar direct control electric chain hoists come in a variety of specifications to suit your lifting needs.

Product Variants

Lodestar Direct Control
  • 500Kg
Lodestar Direct Control
  • 1000Kg
Lodestar Direct Control
  • 2000Kg

Legendary in performance and globally recognised as an industry leader, riggers around the world have come to rely on the CM-ET Lodestar electric chain hoists, featuring quiet operation, an environmentally friendly design, easy access to components, higher duty ratings, less maintenance and enhanced safety features.

Standard off the shelf options include 500kg, 1000kg and 2000kg double and single reeve versions.

  • Load chain 8:1 design safety factor

    Star grade chain is zinc plated to protect against corrosion

    Adjustable clutch outside gear train (meets international standards) designed to prevent lifting of excessive overloads

    50% duty cycle or 300 on/off per hour. – H-4 duty rated for heavy duty application. 2M+ FEM class

    IP65 rated and 4m/min run speed

    5 pocket lift wheel (reduces chain interlink wear)

    Capacities: 125kg to 2000kg

    Lifetime warranty – the industry’s best

    Heavy duty DC brake – long service life with quick access & easy inspection

    Precision helical gearing – long life and quiet operation

    Durable & lightweight housing – cast aluminium with matt black coated finish

    Finger safe wiring meets all electrical codes

    Quick change plugs for voltages 208 through 460

    Chain mounted adjustable chain stops

    Chain bags: cloth type bags easy-to-mount

    Tourmate Ceeform red 4pin plug

    Road ready with leather handles – ease of handling and to stow and travel

    Meets or exceeds world standards

  • D8+ specification according to IGVW SQP2

    Double DC brake: two independent acting DC brakes for redundant braking (upgrade kit available)

    Encoders: incremental & absolute

    Alternative fixed speed options between 2 to 16 meters/min

    Alloy Latchlok hooks: remains locked until released by the operator, even if chain goes slack

Lodestar Direct Control - Variant Downloads

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