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Wireless Load Shackles

Wireless Load Shackles

Key Features:

  • Wireless range of up to 800m (2,600 ft)
  • Available in 3250 kg or 4750 kg weight range
  • Typical accuracy ±1% of current load or ±25 kg, whichever is greater

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Wireless Load Shackles

Broadweigh wireless load shackles are built to withstand the demands of challenging environments and weather conditions and enables monitoring and logging of precise loads on any given rigging point.

Product Variants

Wireless Load Monitoring Shackle
  • 3.25 ton weight load capacity
  • Dimensions with Electronics: 116 x 106 x 62 mm

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Wireless Load Monitoring Shackle
  • 4.75 ton weight load capacity
  • Dimensions with Electronics: 129 x 126 x 62 mm

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Delivering wireless data to a choice of receivers, the system provides the tools to safely distribute weight for indeterminate loads, roof structures, mother-grids as well as indicate alarms to avoid rigging component overload situations. Using our custom designed surface treated BS EN 13889 bow, the aerospace grade stainless steel load pin is supplied with a load centralising bobbin as standard. Accuracy typically ±1% of current load or ±25 kg.

Products in the range include: 3250 kg or 4750 kg weight range and can transmit up to 800 m (1/2 mile).

The Broadweigh Twistlink is also available for an extra cost – This smart piece of kit allows a 4.75 tonne Broadweigh shackle to be connected to a 3.25 tonne or 4.75 tonne shackle without having to remove the pin, nut and Rclip.

  • Smart Sleep protects battery life whilst monitoring

    Comfortable in the most challenging RF environments

    Easy power cycle with one swipe using new magnetic fob

    New bow brings superior tolerances, finish and durability

    Unit conversion for kg, lbs, tonnes, ton, ton (US), kN

    3250 kg or 4750 kg weight range

    Accuracy typically ± 1% of current load or ±25 kg (whichever is the greater value)

    Fully weatherised (IP67)

    Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC compliant

    Zero Trim Shackle

    5:1 safety factor

    Anti-rotational bracket

    Supplied pre-calibrated

Wireless Load Shackles - Variant Downloads

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