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Wireless Active Repeater

Wireless Active Repeater


Key Features:

  • Used to increase or extend range and overall propagation
  • Simple configuration via PC using software, USB base station & BW-Toolkit
  • IP67 rated NEMA4 protected

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Wireless Active Repeater

The Broadweigh Wireless Active Repeater is designed to help propagate the wireless signal, and can be used to enhance the signal in different environments, bounce signals around obstacles or double range - in line of sight applications.

The Broadweigh Wireless Active Repeater (BW-AR) is powered by either a pair of alkaline ‘D’ Cells or an external power supply (5-18 Volts) and acts as transparent link between the Broadweigh shackles and either the USB base station or handheld display (BW-HR).

The BW-AR adds flags to any messages to prevent multiple repeats of information. It will not repeat a packet that has already been repeated. Hence there is only one extra ‘hop’ introduced and a maximum doubling of the radio range.

Adding multiple wireless active repeaters will not increase the range but can increase overall coverage. The Broadweigh shackles have a range of up to 800m (2600ft) which can be potentially doubled using BW-AR.

  • To extend range and overall wireless coverage

    Allows wireless transmission around obstacles such as stages, screens & walls etc

    Only select the transmitters that you want to repeat to minimise radio traffic

    Easy configuration via software & Base Station

    Can be battery powered (2 x D Cells) or use an external power supply 5-18 V

    IP67 rated, NEMA4 protected

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