BroadWeigh Wireless Handheld Display

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The BW-HR wireless handheld telemetry device provides an 8 digit LCD reading from an unlimited number of BroadWeigh shackles (either BW-S325 or BW-S475 versions) and also can display readings from the BW-WSS wind speed anemometer.

  • Easy to use.
  • Wireless handheld display.
  • Reads data from any Broadweigh shackle or Broadweigh transmitter device in range.
  • Sleep / Wake function.
  • Local and remote battery and signal indicators.
  • Fully weatherised (IP67).
  • Group Key Functionality for added Security.

The scroll button on the handheld telemetry device is used to view any shackles or anemometers in range. The shackle / anemometer with the strongest signal strength, and therefore nearest the BW-HR handheld, will be the first to be displayed. The ID tag of the shackle / anemometer is shown on the screen before it displays the reading. Other shackles / anemometers are displayed in order of signal strength with any new shackles / anemometers introduced later added on the end. These ID tags can be renamed to suit individual requirements as long as the tag follows a four digit hexadecimal format.

With simple wireless configuration and calibration the licence free 2.4GHz Broadweigh Wireless Handheld Display (BW-HR) uses direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) radio telemetry technology. This provides high integrity, error free communications and are FCC, ETSI and IC approved.

Broadweigh wireless handheld display BW-HR is powered by a pair of standard alkaline AA batteries and is configured using free BW-Toolkit software which runs on a PC connected to the BroadWeigh base station.