SIXTY82 design and manufacture innovative trussing and staging systems suitable for a wide range of rigging applications. All products comply with national and international regulations for safe work practices.

SIXTY82 is a British, Dutch and French alliance of innovative industry leaders in the design and manufacture of trussing and staging systems. Pioneers and visionaries, with over 100 years of experience between them, they have held leading roles in the development of countless innovations that have framed the landscape of today’s marketplace.

SIXTY82 are committed to the continuation of innovative means of improving product and service, driven by a passion for their craft, to ensure their customers can continue to build incredible stuff.

Range features include:

  • RFID tracked – integrated SixtyTag, enabling RFID product tracking and traceability, always tied to the unique serial number.
  • Better by design – Product Personality label and SixtyTag are both mounted and protected by the bespoke end brace.
  • Strong boy – all corners standard with 48.3×3 mm main chords.
  • Universally unique – the unique product lines are also compatible with other brands.

Sectors & Applications

SIXTY82 products can be found in a wide variety of applications including Touring & Live Events, TV, Film & Studio, Theatre, Architectural and Corporate Events to name but a few.

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  • ALPHA82 Connector


























    SIXTY82 ALPHA82 truss is easily configurable per event, available in 2 sizes & 4 standard lengths, it provides high ROI as one size fits all.

  • M29 General Purpose Truss

    SIXTY82 M29 general purpose truss boasts a selection of medium duty 29cm ladder, triangular and square truss with 48.3 x 3mm aluminium main cords.

  • M39 General Purpose Truss

    SIXTY82 M39 general purpose truss is a selection of 39cm ladder, triangular, square and rectangular truss with 48.3x3mm aluminium main cords.

  • TPM Truss Series

    Sixty82 TPM truss can be seamlessly integrated into any M29 series setup without any problems. In cases where both truss types are used, customers can simply use the loading tables of the M29 truss for safe and reliable operation.

  • L35 High Load Truss

    SIXTY82 L35 high load truss is the smallest product in the high load range. The longest sides are 35cm and it is available as square or rectangular truss with 50 x 4mm aluminium main cords.

  • L52 High Load Truss

    SIXTY82 L52 high load truss is a heavy duty 52cm square truss with 50 x 4mm aluminium main cords, ideal for high load structures.

  • XL101 High Load Truss

    SIXTY82 XL101 high load truss is available as rectangular or folding triangular truss with the longest side at 101cm and with 60 x 6mm aluminium main cords.

  • Hang-On82

    SIXTY82’s Hang-On82 is an alternative to the T shaped corner and is available for the M29 and M39 ranges of truss.

  • Wall Adaptor82

    SIXTY82’s Wall Adaptor82 is a unique design which can be used upright, upside down or at an angle on triangle, square or rectangular truss.

  • Tower Model M

    The SIXTY82 Tower Model M is a medium strength, optimised design with minimal welding and is compatible with all types of horizontal truss.

  • Tower Model L

    The SIXTY82 Tower Model L is a lightweight strength, optimised tower design with minimal welding and compatible with all types of horizontal truss.

  • Multibase Tower

    The SIXTY82 Multibase tower has a multi-use base suitable for all kinds of outdoor structures and is self-erecting using the Multibase erecting system and a chain hoist.

  • V-Tower Model M


    The SIXTY82 V-Tower Model M is a self-standing tower system suitable for hanging PA systems and requiring minimal ballast.

  • Demountable Roof Structures

    SIXTY82 manufactures a range of temporary demountable truss structures for indoor and outdoor events in a variety of sizes and specifications.

  • Arc Roof Structure

    The SIXTY82 Arc Roof Structure is available in 6x4m and 8x6m sizes, is high loading, easily set-up by hand and contains no side guy wires.

  • LED Screen Support Structure

    SIXTY82 offer a versatile LED screen support structure based on standard trusses that is easy to set up due to its fixed base structure.

  • STAGE82 Decking System

    The SIXTY82 STAGE82 decking system is based on metric sized modules of an extruded aluminium profile construction, which come in multiple sizes and shapes of stages, handrails, stairs and skirting.

  • LITE82 Touring Staging Range














    The SIXTY82 LITE82 Touring staging range is a true second-generation event staging product. It features a completely bolted and non-welded construction giving strength and accuracy.

  • Modular Stairs Unit

    A single SIXTY82 modular stair unit with one-size fits all which can be bolted together to create stairs up to 140cm in height.

  • Stairs Adjustable Aluminium

    SIXTY82 adjustable stairs are a full aluminium structure and connect to all stage modules of SIXTY82 with an integrated fixing system.

  • ETP Multi-clamp

    The SIXTY82 ETP Multi-clamp is full aluminium, suitable for 48mm diameter legs and can be used to attach vertical poles to legs.

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