Avolites manufacture state-of-the-art lighting control consoles, dimmers and media servers for the entertainment industry, all built in London.

Avolites have been supplying the entertainment industry since 1976.

Avolites equipment utilises cutting-edge technology whilst retaining the accessible, intuitive, hands-on familiarity for which Avolites products are renowned. Avolites dimming and power distribution products are industry standard around the world.

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  • Art 2000 Power Cube




    The Avolites Art 2000 Power Cube is a complete dimming, mains and data distribution solution in one box delivered by 30 years of Avolites dimmer development.

  • ART 2020

    The Avolites ART2020 is a configurable touring dimmer system designed with contributions from industry users combined with 16 years of ART 2000 and 40 years of Avolites dimmer knowledge to create a flexible and capable distribution and dimming system.

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