Chroma-Q Color Force II Sheds Light on Climate Change For “My Name is Greta”

Chroma-Q Color Force II Sheds Light on Climate Change For “My Name is Greta”

Denmark – Leading rental and production supplier, Live Company, have further invested in Chroma-Q®’s award-winning Color Force II™ LED battens, following an increasing demand for the product within the Danish rental market.

Live Company, whose vision is to push the limits of current technologies to facilitate ever more ambitious client productions, first purchased Chroma-Q Color Force II back in 2017, after an extensive search for a cyc light that they truly felt matched the high quality of products they like to provide for their clients.

Peter Clausen, Live Company’s CEO commented: “We first chose Chroma-Q Color Force II due to its compact size and powerful output. Its high-quality colour mixing, even light distribution and pixel control also played a huge part in the decision.”

Not only have Live Company added to the number of Color Force II 48s in their stock, they have also added Color Force II 12 to their offering.

“As we have several years of positive experience with this fantastic product, when it came to increasing our stock it was an easy decision as we know how reliable they are. Our customers have high demands for our equipment and Color Force II fits in perfectly and always delivers. We have supplied our stock several times and experienced that the LEDs always match from batch to batch. This is extremely important to us as a rental company.” Continued Peter.

The fixtures have most recently been used on the production of “My Name is Greta”, the story of climate change activist, Greta Thunberg. For this production they needed an energy-saving LED lighting fixture that could sit close and illuminate their string curtain evenly whilst also being able to deliver bold colours.

Jim Falk, Lighting Designer for “I’m Greta” commented: “Color Force II is a perfect workhorse for this show, its powerful output and even lighting worked perfectly for us. I am very impressed with the fixtures amazing colour mixing capabilities.”

The fixtures were supplied by Chroma-Q’s European distributor, A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET).

Peter concluded: “It is always a pleasure to work with the team at AC-ET. They are fast and efficient from quoting and placing the order, through to delivery. This is extremely important to us, as customers often come at the last minute with their projects.”

“My Name is Greta” production credits:
Cast: Karla Løkke
Playwright: William Lippert
Instructor: Emil Rostrup
Lighting design: Jim Falk
Sound design: Viktor Dahl
Video design: Adam Ryde Ankarfeldt
Set design: Jon Stephensen
Costume design: Michael Nøhr

Color Force II patents pending

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