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Corporate & Events

Here at AC-ET we sell and distribute entertainment technology products to the Corporate & Events sectors in over 80 countries.

We offer Lighting, Audio, Rigging and Video from some of the industry’s leading brands, suitable for a full range of Corporate & Events applications.

Lighting, Audio, Rigging & Video for small event companies to large-scale Corporate Events

AC-ET has grown a lot since its origins in the early 1970s as the Alpha Centauri Light Show. We are now one of the world’s leading suppliers of professional entertainment equipment, spanning lighting, video, audio and rigging.

It’s those very roots that allow the AC-ET team to understand and supply many smaller event companies, while still being able to supply large-scale corporate events, product launches and tradeshows.

Image Credit: © YES Events

Image Credit: Yes events
Our Skilled Team – Reassurance Under Pressure

We pride ourselves on having a team of industry professionals with wide and varied experience. This means the AC-ET team can advise on the best solution for you, based on your event, project or budget.

Our help doesn’t stop after the sale, if you need advice, a solution or even just an answer to a quick question, we are here 24/7.

We understand the value of people’s time, money and effort when working within the Corporate & Events sector. It’s our job to ensure that your events run smoothly and you’re free to do what you do best!

With our vast stockholding, competitive pricing, and experienced and knowledgeable team, we are more than a supplier, we are a partner.

A.C. Entertainment Technologies at PLASA 2023.
What Lighting fixtures and products are used for Corporate & Events Projects?

To illuminate your event, the following products are normally used:

  • Static Lights, including PAR Lights, Fresnels, Profiles, Cyc Lights, Battery Lights, Blinders, Battens, Strobes, Soft Lights, Wash Lights, Pixel Effects, Beam Lights and more! See the full range here.

  • Moving Lights, including Wash Lights, Spot Lights, Profile fixtures, Beam Lights and more! See the full range here.

  • Lighting Control, including Lighting Consoles, Wings, Control & Visualisation Software. See the full range here.

What Rigging & Lifting Equipment, Load Monitoring Equipment and Truss is used for Corporate & Events Projects?
  • Load Monitoring Equipment, including Wireless or Wired Load Monitoring, Speed Measuring Systems and more. See the full range here.

  • Truss, including General Purpose or High Load in a variety of modular pieces, shapes and sizes. See the full range here.

  • Lifting Equipment, including Electric Chain Hoists, Winches and lifting solutions. See the full range here.

What Video products are used for Corporate & Events Projects?
  • Media Servers, including the Green Hippo Tierra +, Boreal+, Karst+ and more. See the full range here.

  • LED Video Wall Panels, including Modular Panels for indoor or outdoor. See the full range here.

  • Projectors, including Fixed Installation Projectors, Portable Projectors, and Hybrid and Short Throw Projectors. See the full range here.

Image credit: © i101 Digital, Waddesdon Manor

Video - Waddesdon Manor - YES Events. Image credit: i101 Digital
What Audio products are used for Corporate & Events Projects?
  • Speakers, including Loudspeakers, Stage Monitors, Installation Speakers and Speaker Stands. See the full range here.

  • Mixing Consoles, including Digital and Analogue Mixers. See the full range here.

  • Microphones & Wireless Systems, including Vocal Microphones, Instrument Microphones, Lavalier & Headset Microphones, Wireless Microphone Systems and In-Ear Monitoring. See the full range here.

The advantages of digital wireless microphones
Tourflex Cabling

Tourflex Cabling has been manufacturing bespoke cable assemblies for the Film, Broadcast and Entertainment industries for over 40 years. Our extensive range includes DMX, Ethernet, Fibre Optic, Mains, Multicore, Microphone, Speaker, Ballast and Motor cable.

Manufactured exclusively in the UK and holding a large, varied stock of components, orders can be turned around quickly and often supplied next day for last minute emergencies.

Each assembly can be individualised with company branding, laser engraving and colour coding making it simple to identify each cables purpose and owner.

Tourflex Cabling

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