Wysiwyg Lighting Design Visualisation Software

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The industry’s standard for lighting design programming and pre-visualisation.

Wysiwyg Lighting Design Visualisation Software

Wysiwyg is an all-in-one lighting design software with fully integrated CAD, plots, data, visualization and virtual show control. Wysiwyg features the largest CAD library with thousands of 3D objects you can choose from to design your entire show.

wysiwyg Report – For Drafters

Wysiwyg Report offers 3D CAD application that comes with fully integrated presentation and reporting database to help you create precise plots and automatically track technical data.

Create accurate CAD drawings of your project with stage elements, truss, fixtures and accessories, quickly manage and export your paperwork including plots and reports that will help you communicate your design.

wysiwyg Design – For Creatives

Wysiwyg Design provides the CAD platform to design in 3D with real-time visualisation, simulation and virtual show control tools to create looks, lighting cues and scenic images offline.

Building on the features of Report, wysiwyg Design allows users to explore their designs in a virtual environment. Design is the ideal solution for users looking for an all-inclusive production design tool with visualisation, but don’t need to program from a console.

wysiwyg Perform – For Power Users

Wysiwyg Perform builds on features from Report and Design, and includes direct DMX and Art-Net connection with consoles, CITP for media servers, and integration with motion controllers.

Perform builds on Report and Design tools, with the addition of a simulation component, connect to consoles with DMX and Art-Net over Ethernet protocols. Wysiwyg Perform is an end-to-end, comprehensive, all-in-one solution.

Product Comparison

Wysiwyg comes in different product levels that fit different user’s needs and requirements.



20,000+ Fixture and Accessories Library
CAD Modeling Tools
Conventional & Automated Fixtures Models
Export DWG, DXF, VVN, PDF, JPG, PNG, BMP, MS Excel
Customisable & Scalable Plot Layout
3D Views (Export to 360º Panoramas, BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.)
Enhanced and Volumetric Beams Using OpenGL
Enhanced LED Video & Picture Walls
Time-of-Day Simulation
Rendered Textures & Materials
Rendering Manager
Create Camera Fly-Through & Capture in Video Format
Direct Connection to Consoles & DMX Devices
Console Connection (AutoFocus & AutoPatch)
102,400 DMX Channels
Simulate Movement in 6 Degrees
Video Protocols: CITP, NDI
Motion Protocols: RTTrPM, PosiStageNet
Lasers Protocols: Pangolin Laser Systems, Sollinger’s LaserAnimation
Lighting Protocols: DMX, ArtNet, sACN, EDMX, ShowNet, SandNet

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Product Range - Lighting Design Visualisation Software

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WYSIWYG Report including USB Dongle and 12 Month Subscription


WYSIWYG Design including USB Dongle and 12 Month Subscription


WYSIWYG Design including USB Dongle and 12 Month Subscription - Lease Version


WYSIWYG Design Student Edition - Lease version


WYSIWYG Perform including USB Dongle and 12 Month Subscription


WYSIWYG Perform including USB Dongle and 12 Month Subscription - Lease Version


WYSIWYG Perform Student Edition including USB Dongle and 12 Month Subscription


WYSIWYG Learn 10 seats