Trantec Wireless Microphone Systems

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Trantec Wireless Microphone Systems

S4 Systems

The S4 Series is Trantec’s simplest plug and play system, designed to launch you in to the world of wireless. It’s rugged and compact frames hold a reliable multi-functioning system that is optimised for use with a range of microphones from handheld, to lapels, to headsets, or alternatively can be used with a musical instrument.

S5 Systems

The Trantec S5 Series Wireless Microphone system is designed for use on the UHF frequency band, and it’s suitable for vocal or speech reinforcement applications. It features a compander circuit which minimizes the influence of ambient noise. Trantec S5 series wireless microphone system has built-in balanced XLR output, unbalanced phone jack, as well as headphone jack on the front panel. These flexible options make setup of the audio system easy.

S7 Systems

Trantec have again pushed the boundaries in digital technology with their new professional digital wireless microphone system. Quality of sound has never been this good! Digitally processed sound by S7 system has almost no noise, remaining original and truthful, and is superior than analogue systems. S7 has AES/EBS, allowing digital console to be added in order to generate the best quality sound. To avoid interference and noise in using analogue wireless microphones, the users have to be 60~100 meters apart. Only 30 ~50 meters is required for simultaneous use of the same channel for digital wireless microphones, allowing more microphones to be used in the same space.

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