Tecpro Headsets

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Tecpro is a ‘two wire’ or as it is sometimes known ‘party-line’ or ‘ring’ system which enables a number of people to take part in the same conversation.

Tecpro Headsets


SMH310 – Single Muff/ DMH320 – Dual Muff

  • New generation high performance headsets specifically designed for communications use
  • Retains the renowned durability and comfort of the 200 series
  • Very robust construction, made from unbreakable flexible composite material
  • Similar construction to 200 series, spare parts also available
  • Dual-chamber foam-filled earshells, larger than 200 series for wearing comfort
  • High acoustic isolation on DMH320 for reduced ear fatigue
  • Extended response ear loudspeakers
  • Broadcast quality noise-cancelling dynamic microphone
  • New boom design allows use with boom at left or right hand side
  • Mic switched off by swinging boom upwards
  • Boom can be bent into optimum position to suit the wearer


SMH210 – Single Muff/ DMH220 – Dual Muff

  • Very robust construction with only two moving joints
  • Hidden fixings hinder tampering whilst allowing easy repairs
  • Full range of spare parts available
  • Noise cancelling microphone on flexible steel-reinforced boom
  • Steel core cable for extra strength
  • Soft comfortable cushions
  • Wide, smooth response for reduced listening fatigue


DMH135 – Dual Muff

The DMH135 offers professional users maximum comfort during extended periods of comms work. This super light-weight headset is robust, and is compatible with Tecpro and most other intercom systems that use XLR 4 pin connectors for headset connection. Supple ear pads and swivel earcups provide a good acoustic seal, while the fully adjustable headband ensures a good fit, with low clamping force for reduced user fatigue.

  • Lightweight, ‘closed ear’ 32 ohm headset
  • Adjustable elastic headband
  • Swivel earcups
  • Soft comfortable cushions
  • 600 ohm dynamic mic
  • 1.5 metre straight cable, uses an XLR 4-pin female cable connector