StageSmarts C72tv Power Distribution Unit

Key Features
  • 72 x 16A Channels
  • 400A Power-feed
  • SHOCK mounted
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Key Features
  • 72 x 16A Channels
  • 400A Power-feed
  • SHOCK mounted

The StageSmarts C72tv Power Distribution Unit is a 400A large-scale unit designed to meet all the requirements of delivering safe and reliable power to the modern-day entertainment industry.

StageSmarts C72tv Power Distribution Unit

The StageSmarts C72tv enables you to adapt your outputs to any situation with its quick-change modular output boxes. Change between different connector options in minutes depending on what’s needed for the client or fix a broken connector instantly during a show. The whole unit is protected in its custom flight case and floats freely in an integrated shock proof suspension system.

C72TV Features

  • Seventy-two channels equipped with industrial-grade hydraulic-magnetic breakers
  • Precise individual residual current detection on each output
  • Thermal stability
  • Extended usability due to the customizable seven auxiliary 1-phase outputs and up to three 3-phase output.
  • Same high-grade breakers as in the rest of the unit but with separate adjustable residual current devices for the 3-phase outputs.
  • Full remote access to all monitored data in real time over any standard network and on any device running a web browser
  • Internal web server which allows naming of each unit, color-coding and naming of all channels.
  • The status for the main-breaker, the E-stop, neutral protection and the unit’s internal temperature can also be monitored in the online interface.
  • All settings automatically stored internally and travels with the unit
  • Data can be imported and exported in standard excel-format.
  • The onboard CPUs battery back-up ensures relevant information is provided during a total power failure to help you find and correct any problem rapidly.
  • Available modules are single or dual Socapex, single or dual Harting 16, Harting 24 and True1 single outputs for patching.

Technical Specifications

  • Power input – Powerlock 400A | 5-wire (TN-S) 230/400V
  • Main breaker – MCCB, electronic protection, 4-pole 400A
  • Over-voltage protection – Immediate disconnection in case of lost neutral connection
  • Main input metering – All incoming voltages, all currents (including neutral current), power factor, frequency
  • Main status indicators – Multicolored status indicator
  • Channel load monitoring – Individual status indicating multicolor LED
  • No of main channels – 72
  • Channel capacity and protection – 16A / channel, RCBO A-type, 30mA
  • Auxiliary channel X0 – 2 parallel sockets (user seletable)
  • Auxiliary capacity and protection – 16A / channel, RCBO A-type, 30mA
  • Auxiliary channels X1-X6 – 16A, 3-pin CEE (customisable connectors)
  • Auxiliary capacity and protection – 16A / channel, RCBO A-type, 30mA
  • Auxiliary channels X7-X9 – 16A-63A, 5-pin CEE
  • Auxiliary capacity and protection – 16A-63A, 4-pole breaker, adjustable and switchable RCD (30mA-5A) (20ms-5s)
  • Main output connections – Modular
  • Worklights – 4 x 3-pole XLR, 12VDC, 15W, PWM dimmer
  • USB-charger – 5VDC, 2.1A
  • Dimensions & weight – 1342 x 600 x 723mm, 150kg

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