StageSmarts C24

Key Features
  • 24 channels @ 16A
  • Industrial grade, temperature stable RCBO per channel
  • SmartSense real-time load monitoring per channel
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Key Features
  • 24 channels @ 16A
  • Industrial grade, temperature stable RCBO per channel
  • SmartSense real-time load monitoring per channel

The StageSmarts C24 is a 24-channel power distribution unit that suits a wide range of applications and purposes, especially powering LED based lights and video displays.

Sharing the same high performance parts and technologies as our award winning smartPDU series, the C24 is suitable for the most demanding projects and toughest conditions.

With the StageSmarts C24, serious power distribution is now available for a much broader range of customer and applications. Be safe, not sorry.


  • Loss-of-neutral sensor protects against overvoltage
  • Emergency off button
  • Main meter for incoming voltages and currents (incl. neutral)
  • 32A / 3-phase output with adjustable and switchable RCD
  • Detachable input cable


Superior circuit breakers

Magnetic-Hydraulic – superior handling of in-rush currents, leakage currents and 100% temperature independent.
No more ‘nuisance tripping’!
RCBO-type, individual leakage current sensing per channel.
2-pole, neutral disconnect, complete load isolation.
Industrial grade, sealed against dust and humidity.

Overvoltage protection

Quick-acting ‘lost neutral’ sensor trips main breaker to disconnect all loads to prevent costly damage.

True load indication per channel

Indicates the presence of loads, overloads and lost loads.

32A 3-phase outlet

Protected by 4-pole breaker with fully adjustable and switchable earth leakage protection.

Convenience sockets

Channels 21-24 also available on singe channel sockets, three True1 type + one of selectable type.

Choice of multipin outputs

Available with most common types of outputs.

C24 output options

C24A – 1x 4 x 19-pin Socapex, 6 ch/connector
C24A – 2x 4 x 16-pin Harting, 6 ch/connector
C24A – 3x 3 x 16-pin Harting, 8 ch/connector
C24A – 4x 3 x 24-pin Harting, 8 ch/connector
C24A – 5x 24 x Neutrik True1
C24A – 6x 24 x Neutrik Powercon (grey)

x = type of auxiliary connector for channel 24:
1 = German Schuko, 2 = French Schuko, 3 = UK 13A 4 = Australian GPO, 5 = Swiss

Technical Specifications

  • Power input: ILME 4-pole + ground / 80A 5-wire (TN-s) 230/400V
  • Main breaker: Disconnector, 4-pole, 63A
  • Over-voltage Protection: Immediate disconnection in case of lost neutral connection.
  • Master Metering: All incoming voltages, currents (including neutral), power factor, frequency.
  • No of main channels: 24
  • Capacity and protection: 16A per channel, RCBO A-type, 30mA
  • Main output connections: Multipins, type depending on model Channel 21-24 also on True1 + user selectable socket
  • Auxilliary channels: 32A, 5-pin CEE
  • Capacity and protection: 32A, 4-pol breaker with adjustable and switchable RCD (30-300mA)
  • Dimensions & weight: 483 (19”) x 266 (6U) x 354mm 23 kg
  • Certifications, standards: EN 61439-1, EN 62368-1:2014, EN 61000-6-1:2007, EN 55015:2006+A2:2009, BS7671, BS7909