Spotlight COMBI Profile Range

Key Features
  • IP20
  • Tungsten

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Key Features
  • IP20
  • Tungsten

Luminaires with adjustable shutters, adjustable yoke, adjustable optical system and focus. Recommended for accent and precise lighting, as well as for images projection (gobos).

  • Aluminium housing for high heat dissipation by natural ventilation
    (Combi Bodies are a COMBInation of Steel & Aluminium)
  • Filter frame lockable top cover
  • Yoke with clutch-locking system
  • Adjustable yoke positioning for fixture balancing
  • Easy access to the lamphouse for fast maintenance
  • 99.99% polished and treated aluminium reflector
  • PO version on request
  • ARC version on request

Product Range - COMBI Profile Range

Product Code Colour Power Beam Angle
Combi Profile 650 ZS


Tungsten 500-650W 14°-33° Download spec
Combi Profile 650 ZW


Tungsten 500-650W 23°-40° Download spec
Combi Profile 1200 ZS


Tungsten 1000-1200W 13°-35° Download spec
Combi Profile 1200 ZW


Tungsten 1000-1200W 24°-50° Download spec
Combi Profile 2500 ZM


Tungsten 2000-2500W 9°-25° Download spec
Combi Profile 2500 ZW


Tungsten 2000-2500W 17°-36° Download spec