SIXTY82 Hang-On82

SIXTY82's Hang-On82 is an alternative to the T shaped corner and is available for a range of truss sizes.

Product range

  • Hang-On82 M29 to M29L
  • Hang-On82 M29 to M29-ST
  • Hang-On82 M39 to M39L
  • Hang-On82 M39 to M29-ST
  • Hang-On82 M39 to M39-ST


Key Features

  • Alternative for the T-shaped corner
  • Flexible in use: can be used at every point in the grid, avoiding diagonal bracing
  • Easy to use and assemble
  • Can be used in conjunction with box corners and welded corners (spacers required)
  • Can be used for ladder, triangle and square truss
  •  Inter-connectable with most existing systems from European manufacturers