Sennheiser Wireless Antenna Distribution

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Sennheiser Wireless Antenna Distribution including various combiner/ splitters, antennas/ paddles and signal boosters.

Sennheiser Wireless Antenna Distribution

Make sure your RF environment is as reliable as possible using the Sennheiser antenna distribution products. For use with Evolution Wireless Digital (EW-D), Evolution Wireless G4, IEM Systems & Digital 6000.

Antenna Solutions

Sennheiser Wireless Antenna DistributionA 1031-U – Passive omni-directional antenna.

  • Transmitting and receiving antenna for frequencies between 450 and 960 MHz.





Sennheiser Wireless Antenna DistributionADP-UHF – Passive external directional antenna.

  • UHF transmission greatly enhances range, reliability and scalability
  • Built-in ⅝” and ⅜” threads allow for easy mic stand mounting




Sennheiser a5000-cp - antenna distributionA 5000-CP – Circular polarized helical passive antenna.

The A 5000-CP passive antenna provides an optimum solution for both transmitting and receiving RF signals throughout the UHF spectrum. Installations have demonstrated that the circular polarization of this antenna minimizes variations in signal strength and almost eliminates multipath problems, a primary cause dropouts. The gain of this antenna over the entire UHF band is superior to common `off the shelf’ antennas.

The wideband design (450-960MHz) of the A 5000-CP allows it to accommodate antenna distribution systems for either wireless monitors or wireless microphones across multiple frequency ranges, offering maximum flexibility when designing complex RF systems.

  • High Gain
  • Minimized Multipath
  • Broadband

Sennheiser Wireless Antenna DistributionAD 3700 – Directional antenna with integrated AB3700 for for EM 3731/3732, EM 2000/2050 and EM 6000 receivers only.





Combiner/ Splitter Solutions

Sennheiser Wireless Antenna DistributionEW-D ASA – Active antenna splitter for use with Evolution Wireless Digital systems. Includes PSU & (8) BNC cables. Backwards compatible with G4 systems.






Sennheiser ASA 3000ASA 3000-UK – Active wideband antenna splitter for up to 16 channels (8 dual receivers), may be made narrowband with optional IM3000 selective RF input modules – cables not included.





Sennheiser AC 3200-IIAC 3200-II – Active 8-channel antenna combiner for large, wireless monitor systems. Up to eight inputs, up to 100mW per channel, for transmission via single antenna. Avoids bothersome intermodulation; quick overview via LED strip.


Sennheiser AC 41-UKAC 41-UK – Active antenna combiner for evolution wireless G4 systems. The AC 41 operates up to four wireless stereo transmitters from the ew series using one shared antenna. Power is supplied to the SR IEM G4 transmitters over the BNC cables via NT 3-1 power supply (included with the AC 41), making separate power supplies for the transmitters obsolete.




Booster Solutions

Sennheiser Wireless Antenna DistributionEW-D AB – Antenna booster for use with Evolution Wireless Digital systems.





AB 4-GBW – Filtered, inline antenna booster module with BNC connectors, designed to offer typ. +12dB of boost to compensate for signal losses created by long antenna cable runs. The AB 4 is fully compatible with all legacy evolution wireless systems. Additionally, the AB 4’s filters have been expanded to support the bandwidths up to 88 Mhz.

AB 3700 – Broadband antenna booster for EM 3731/3732, EM 2000/2050 and EM 6000 receivers only.

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Product Range - Wireless Antenna Distribution

Product Code Description
A 1031-U


Passive, omni-directional antenna


Passive, external directional antenna


Active antenna splitter
A 5000-CP


Circular polarized helical passive antenna
ASA 3000-UK


Active wideband antenna splitter
AD 3700


Directional antenna with integrated AB3700
AC 3200-II


Active 8-channel antenna combiner
AC 41-UK


Active antenna combiner
AB 3700


Broadband antenna booster


Inline antenna booster module


Antenna booster