LSC Control Systems REDBACK Wallmount

Simple Power and Dimming. A compact, slimline, economic dimmer range, the REDBACK Wallmount provides an unprecedented level of build quality and features designed to make your life easier, particularly in today’s more complex world.


Flexibility is the question and modularity is the answer. To cover most applications, LSC has designed an innovative modular construction of the REDBACK Wallmount. Although available in 6-channel, 12-channel and 24-channel housings, the outputs have a choice of 6-channel dimmer modules or 6-channel relay output modules with either front-panel output connectors or internally wired terminal blocks.

Dimmer Bypass

Each output channel is fitted with a mechanical bypass switch that enables the user to manually switch any channel(s) to bypass the internal dimming circuitry and be permanently powered with direct 240V supply. This allows the REDBACK Wallmount range to selectively power non-dimmable fixtures such as DMX-controlled LED fixtures, moving lights, audio equipment, video screens and smoke machines.


  • DMX512 1990), DMX512-A (E1-21) with RDM (E1-20) compatibility via internal terminal blocks. Option for bottom panel XLR 5-pin connector module available for plug-in DMX/RDM
  • Remote monitoring, configuration and control via RDM
  • Easy-to-read 2.8″ full-colour TFT touchscreen complete with on-board context sensitive Help
  • Graphical user interface for simple configuration and control of the dimmer
  • Two dimmer curves per output channel
  • Full 512 channel Softpatch that allows patching of any DMX channel to any number of dimmer channels
  • Six programmable scenes with individual fade times
  • Rigger’s control for local control of outputs, complete with multiple inbuilt chase options with speed control
  • Easy software update via internally located SD card slot
  • User-selectable minimum (bottom set) level per channel to allow preheating of lamps
  • User-selectable maximum (top set) level per channel to reduce output and increase lamp life
  • Architectural control via push-button wall plates (ordered separately) – a maximum of four plates can be connected up to 200m away from dimmer and can remotely activate six stored static scenes


  • 24 channel x 10A RCBO breakers with 30ma trip per channel
  • Multilevel user interface lock to prevent accidental changes to settings
  • Programmable DMX512 backup scene with delay time, that can be automatically activated with loss of main DMX512 signal
  • Visual alarms for phase fail, over temperature and loss of input signal
  • Panic (fire) input connection (dry contact closure activates an emergency scene)


  • 24-channel dimmer module to dim conventional tungsten loads
  • 24-channel relay module to power any type of loads
  • 18-channel dimmer module + 6-channel relay module
  • 100% duty cycle rated at 25°C ambient with all channels fully loaded
  • Choice of front panel mounted 3-pin Australian output connectors, or internal hardwired screw terminals
  • Manual bypass switch per output channel to provide direct 240V power for non-dim loads