PROLIGHTS Video OmegaPix 26B

Key Features
  • 2.6mm pixel pitch indoor rental LED Screen
  • Seamless 90° angles
  • Curve configurations, concave and convex
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Key Features
  • 2.6mm pixel pitch indoor rental LED Screen
  • Seamless 90° angles
  • Curve configurations, concave and convex

PROLIGHTS OmegaPix 26B is a revolutionary indoor 2.6mm LED screen rental panel, designed to offer advanced mechanical features, more creative configurations and empowered video image quality.


  • Fly bar hanging/stacking
  • New Novastar A8s with 18bit+, ClearView and image rotation


Mechanical / Assembly Features

  • Curve configurations both concave and convex through curving mounting plates (0-10 concave, 0-5 convex)
  • Seamless 90° corners through special 45° cutter cabinets (Left & Right version available)
  • Front service of magnetic replacement of the LED module for immediate service
  • Climbable, designed for a quick maintenance access
  • Hot swapping of the back panel to replace PSU & electronics
  • Assisted mounting magnets for 1 man quick setup
  • Ground Stacking accessories available
  • Corner protection for safe transport in case
  • Velcro on the edges to don’t see gaps
  • Fly bars are suitable for both Hanging or Ground Stacking application


Components / Electronic Features

  • Premium components
  • Module with memory to store calibration database
  • Magnetic Front and Rear LED module replacement
  • Black mask for superior contrast
  • 18 bit+ greyscale (4 times higher than market average)
  • Rotation function enabled
  • New NovaStar A8s Receiver
  • IP PowerCON in/out
  • IP EtherCON in/out
  • CE, EMC, UL approved


Image Quality

  • New NovaStar A8s Receiving card
  • 18 bit+ Greyscale, 4 times higher than market average. Effectively improve greyscale performance under low brightness, showing more exquisite and more expressive images.
  • Clearview technology, by adjusting the texture, size and contrast of images in different areas to further enhance the image details.
  • Smart Gamma correction: gamma correction is automatically applied according to the display brightness, achieving a better greyscale performance and providing clearer pictures.
  • Rotation Enabled: Rotation of panels enabled using NovaStar Smart LCT software
  • RCFGX Restore, Firmware copy, Mapping MCTRLR5 Sending fully supported



  • Driver chip type: MBI 5252
  • LED source: SMD2121 FullBlack
  • Pixel pitch: 2.6mm
  • Panel resolution: 192x192pixels
  • Module resolution: 96x96pixels
  • Luminous flux: 1,000nit
  • Contrast: 3,000:1
  • Greyscale: 18 bit
  • Refresh rate ≥: 2,880Hz
  • Drive Mode: 1/16 scan, constant current
  • Vertical viewing angle: 120°
  • Horizontal viewing angle: 120°
  • LED density: 147,456 LED/sqm
  • Dead Pixel Ratio: <0.002
  • LED avg life span: 100,000



  • Power input/output: Seetronic True PowerCON
  • Power supply: AC 110/230V 50/60Hz
  • Max power consumption (panel): 160W
  • Avg power consumption (panel): 40W
  • Max power consumption (sqm): 640W
  • Avg power consumption (sqm): 160W
  • Standby power consumption (per panel): 20W
  • Max rated current/panel:: AC 220V/0.55A
  • Max power output: 120W modules
  • Working temperature: -10°C/+45°C
  • Working humidity: 10~80 RH%



  • Receiving card type: A8S
  • Other controllers type: Rotation, 18bit+, Clearview, mapping, firmware copy, RCFGX restore, calibration restore
  • Control protocol: NovaStar
  • Signal input: Waterproof Seetronic RJ45
  • Signal output: Waterproof Seetronic RJ45



  • Other specifics: curve configurations, climbable, rear panel swapping, corner protection for transport, velcro strips for gapless mounting
  • Magnetic LED modules: available
  • Module size (WxH): 250x250mm
  • Panel size(WxHxD): 500m×500mm×90.6mm
  • Vertical hanging system: built-in clamp support
  • Cooling: Natural cooling of the peculiar chassis and to absence of fans
  • Connection: Seamless locking system
  • Curvability: 2°, 5°, 10° concave – 2°, 5° convex°
  • Body: Die-cast aluminium housing
  • Colour: Black
  • Internal protection: IP30 (front and rear)
  • Panel weight: 9kg
  • Weight per square meter: 36kg
  • Hanging panel quantity ≤: 20
  • Compliant standard: CE, EMC, UL

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OmegaPix 26B


500m × 500mm × 90.6mm