PROLIGHTS Mosaico LED Image Projector

Key Features
  • IP66 construction
  • Powerful output with flat field and sharp optics
  • 10° to 45° zoom for flexible image projection
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Key Features
  • IP66 construction
  • Powerful output with flat field and sharp optics
  • 10° to 45° zoom for flexible image projection

The PROLIGHTS Mosaico IP66 LED gobo projector is a powerful luminaire for projecting images onto buildings and landscapes, featuring a massive zoom, colour and animation wheels. Mosaico is a powerful outdoor LED projection fixture. Its outstanding output of 11,388 lumens means it is a comparable replacement for the 1200 HID fixtures. The on-board effects allows for a more creative imagination and the zoomable optics makes it truly versatile for both near and long-throw installations.

Mosaico LED Image Projector

Mosaico Light Source

  • IP66 waterproof housing for long lasting installation with minimal maintenance
  • Beam angle zooming from 10° to 45° empowers a flexible use and opens to a new level of effects
  • Extremely bright with over 11,388 lumens, crisp and with 5 layers of effects for limitless combinations
  • Source: 250W high power white LED
  • CT: 7,300K
  • CRI: 75 Ra
  • Luminous flux: 11,388lm
  • Lux: (10°) 14,028 lux – (45°) 11,46lux @ 5m
  • Source life expectancy: >20,000 hr

Optics & Colour System

  • Zoom: 10~45° motorised linear zoom
  • Lens diameter: 109mm
  • Lens type: HQ glass lens optics
  • Focus: motorised
  • Colour wheel: 2×7 (14 total) dichroic filters+open
  • Animation wheel: animation wheel with CW and CCW rotation
  • Rotating gobos: 7 rotating gobos+open, interchangeable, indexing
  • Gobo size: gobo Ø 26.9 mm – img Ø 24 mm – 1.1 mm
  • Circular prism: 3f with bi-directional rotation, indexing
  • Frost: linear 0-100% frost filter
  • Iris: 0~100% motorised linear iris

Body, Control & Electronics

  • Body: weatherproof IP65 construction
  • Body colour: cool gray
  • Protocols: DMX512, RDM
  • W-DMX: included, Wireless Solution receiver
  • RDM: RDM ready for fixture remote monitor and settings
  • Display: black OLED touch display
  • Firmware upgrade: yes, via USB-DMX interface (UPBOX1) not included
  • Dimmer: linear 0~100% electronic dimmer
  • Dimmer curves: 4 different dimming curves available
  • Strobe/shutter: 1~30Hz, electronic
  • Operating temperature: -20° ~ +45°
  • Power supply: 100-240V – 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption (at 230V): 316W
  • Power consumption (at 120V): 320W
  • Output (at 230V): 11 units on a single power line
  • Output (at 120V): 6 units on a single power line
  • Signal connection: IP in/out DMX connector
  • Power connection: IP in/out power connector
  • Adaptors: XLR and 16A adaptors included
  • IP: 66 for outdoor events
  • Cooling: forced air with IP low noise fan,
  • Suspension and fixing: hanging bracket suitable for safe hanging and positioning
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 331x424x450mm
  • Weight: 19.3kg

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Product Code
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Mosaico LED Image Projector


Dual 7 position wheel
1x250W LED
10° to 45° Zoom