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The PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWC is an LED soft panel which delivers a high quality, powerful soft light ideal for camera. With a full range of white from 2,800K to 10,000K featuring high CRI, TLCI and TM-30, as well as full colour control and in built effects, the ECLIPSE Panel is a flexible and powerful source.

The EclPanel TWC allows for quick and accurate adjustment of light through 3 local knobs with two fully featured modes: CCT with +/- green and magenta shift, and HSI for total control of hue, saturation and intensity. The unit can also be controlled on a per-section basis, to allow for the reproduction of onboard customisable effects or to be run through the lighting desk. Both methods provide eye-candy, with the appealing and modern front looks and cinematic special effects. The unit is packaged with an onboard driver and built-in power supply and being lightweight, the EclPanel TWC offers easy rigging and cabling making it the perfect lighting tool for every location.


  • 740W RGB+ Warm White LED source
  • CRI>94; R9>92; TLCI>94
  • Controllable in pixel section to generate static and dynamic pixel effects
  • In-built power supply
  • Battery ready, compatible with industry standard external batteries (optional)


Light Source

  • Source: 740W RGB + warm white
  • CT: 2,800K – 10,000K
  • CRI: >94
  • R9: >92
  • Luminous flux: 29,000lm
  • Lux: 1,370lux @ 3m full
  • Lux: 500lux @ 5m full
  • Source life expectancy: >50,000 h
  • Other: TM-30-15RF/RG: 83/112 – TLCI: 94.4



  • Beam angle: 100°
  • Field angle: 155°
  • Lens type: holographic frost filter
  • Additional optics: Interchangable and different optional filter to adjust the beam spread
  • Other: spigot (optional); 30° egg craft (optional); 60° egg craft (optional); eggcrate (optional); barndoors (optional)


Colour System

  • Colour mixing: RGB+WW
  • CTC: amber shift activation by menu and DMX and plus/minus green and magenta correction
  • White presets: 2,800K – 10,000K
  • Colour wheel: virtual colour wheel with presets
  • Macros: built-in white presets


Dynamic Effects

  • Pixel patterns: pre-programmed dynamic and static patterns
  • FX generator: adjustable foreground/background colour, index, speed, direction
  • Static colour mode: selection of static dimmer
  • Manual colour mode: manual adjustment of intensity, CT, colour correction from knob
  • Auto mode: built-in programs with execution speed adjustment



  • Hardware on-board: filter frame, 4 doors barndoor, omega bracket spigot
  • Tilt angle: 360° manual
  • Body: sturdy die-cast aluminium body conceived for long-time durability
  • Body colour: black



  • Protocols: DMX512, RDM, WDMX, Local Knob
  • DMX channels: 1 / 2 / 5-1 / 5-2 / 5-3 / 7 / 9 / 10 / 12 / 15 / 20 / 33channel
  • Pixel control: 8 section control
  • W-DMX: included, wireless solution receiver
  • RDM: RDM ready for fixture remote monitor and settings
  • Display: black OLED high resolution display
  • Firmware upgrade: yes, via USB-DMX interface (UPBOX1) not included
  • Master/Slave: for synchronized operation of more units linked in a chain



  • Dimmer: linear 0~100% electronic dimmer
  • Dimmer curves: different dimming curves available
  • Strobe / shutter: 1 – 30Hz, electronic
  • Operating temperature: -20° ~ +45°
  • Flicker: flicker free operation
  • Selectable PWM: 600~25kHz



  • Power supply: 100-240V – 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption (at 230V): 452W
  • Power consumption (at 120V): 456W
  • Output (at 230V): 6 units on a single power line
  • Output (at 120V): 3 units on a single power line
  • Power factor: pF 0.97 @ 230V – pF 0.99 @ 120V



  • Cooling: forced air with low noise fan
  • Suspension and fixing: bracket for truss rigging and hardware for connection of more units
  • Signal connection: Amphenol XLR 5p IN/OUT connectors
  • Power connection: Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 IN/OUT connectors
  • IP rating: 20
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 820x550x140mm
  • Weight: 15.2kg

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