PROLIGHTS ArenaCob Range

Key Features
  • LED replacement for DWE blinder
  • IP65 housing
  • Individual cell control for effects

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Key Features
  • LED replacement for DWE blinder
  • IP65 housing
  • Individual cell control for effects

PROLIGHTS ArenaCob IP65 LED blinder range is an LED replacement for a traditional 4 cell DWE blinder. Each of the individually controllable cells delivers a consistent, powerful punch that has been designed to shine in even the largest environments.


  • Four powerful LED “Halo” cells with colour temperature shift on dimming for true tungsten emulation (4Halo)
  • Four powerful RGBW LED cells with sizing and spacing matching traditional linear blinders (4FC)
  • Virtually limitless “building block” rigging system.

ArenaCob 4Halo Light Source

  • Source: white COB 4x72W + amber 16x3W
  • CT: 3,000K
  • CRI: >92Ra
  • Luminous flux: (24°) 10,529 lm; (40°) 13,837 lm
  • Lux: (24°) 6,330 lux @ 3m
  • Lux: (40°) 3,364 lux @ 3m
  • Source life expectancy: >50.000 hr

ArenaCob 4FC Light Source

  • Source: 4x75W RGBW LEDs
  • Luminous flux: (24°) 5,393 lm; (40°) 6,260 lm
  • Lux: (24°) 2,413 lux @ 3m full
  • Lux: (40°) 891 lux
  • Source life expectancy: >50,000 hr


  • Beam angle: (inc) 24° – (opt) 40°
  • Field angle: 42° (4Halo)
  • Field angle: 46° (4FC)
  • Pixel pitch: 150mm
  • Lens diameter: 100mm
  • Lens type: parabolic reflector in combination with HD Fresnel lens
  • Additional optics: 40°(opt), 32° without magnetic lens
  • Other: magnetic replacement of front lens

ArenaCob 4Halo Colour System

  • Colour mixing: tungsten 3,000 + ambershift
  • CTC: amber shift activation by DMX

ArenaCob 4FC Colour System

  • Colour mixing: RGBW/FC
  • CTC: CTC control through dedicated DMX channel
  • White presets: 2,000K ~ 8,000K
  • Colour wheel: virtual colour wheel with macros

Dynamic Effects

  • Pixel patterns: pre-programmed dynamic and static patterns
  • FX generator: adjustable foreground/background colour, index, speed, direction
  • Static mode: selection of static colour
  • Manual mode: manual adjustment of dimmer and strobe (4Halo) and colour (4FC)
  • Auto mode: built-in programs with execution speed adjustment
  • Special features: amber shifting for halogen DWE emulation (4Halo)
  • Special features: Halo DWE dimming and amber-shift simulation (4FC)


  • Hardware on-board: mechanics for modular assembly of multiple panels
  • Body: sturdy die-cast aluminium body
  • Body colour: black


  • Protocols: DMX512, RDM
  • DMX channels: HALO 1/4 channel; STD 2/4/7 channel; EXT 6/8/10 channel (4Halo)
  • DMX channels: HALO 1/4 channel; STD 4/6/15 channel; EXT 16/21/27 channel (4FC)
  • Pixel control: pixel2pixel control
  • RDM: RDM for remote monitor and settings
  • Display: black OLED touch display
  • Firmware upgrade: yes, via USB-DMX interface (UPBOX1) not included
  • Master/slave: for synchronised operation of more units linked in a chain


  • Dimmer: linear 0 ~ 100% electronic dimmer
  • Dimmer curves: 4 selectable dimming modes available
  • Strobe/shutter: 1-28Hz, electronic
  • Display battery: self-charging battery backup
  • Operating temperature: -10° ~ +45° C
  • Flicker: flicker free operation


  • Power supply: 100-240V – 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption (at 230V): 331W (4Halo)
  • Power consumption (at 230V): 227W (4FC)
  • Power consumption (at 120V): 341W (4Halo)
  • Power consumption (at 120V): 230W (4FC)
  • Output (at 230V): 11 units on a single power line (4Halo)
  • Output (at 230V): 16 units on a single power line (4FC)
  • Output (at 120V): 6 units on a single power line (4Halo)
  • Output (at 120V): 8 units on a single power line (4FC)


  • IP65
  • Cooling: passive cooling and fan-free
  • Suspension and fixing: bracket for hanging and positioning
  • Signal connection: Seetronic XLR 5p in/out connectors
  • Power connection: Seetronic PowerCon waterproof in/out connectors
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 619x167x264mm / 24.4”x6.6”x10.4”
  • Weight: 8kg / 17.6lbs

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Product Range - ArenaCob Range

Product Code Colour Power Beam Angle
ArenaCob 4FC


RGBW 4x75W LED 32°, 40° Interchangeable
ArenaCob 4Halo


Tungsten Emulation White COB 4x72W + amber 16x3W 32°, 40° Interchangeable