Panasonic LFV60 Series Video Wall Signage Display

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Brilliant picture quality frameless backlight display for video wall installations

Panasonic's TH-55LFV60 Video Wall LED Display is a brilliant picture quality frameless backlight display for video wall installations. The TH-55LFV60 is the ideal solution for signage and corporate applications.

Ideal solution for signage and corporate applications


Brilliant Picture Quality

  • Ultra-Narrow Bezel (3.5 mm Bezel-to-Bezel Distance)*1 for Superior Large-Format Visibility
  • High glossy 700 cd/m2 Brightness Video Wall Display
  • IPS Panel for Clear Off-Axis Visibility
  • Reverse Scan and Frame Adjustment Function Improves Playback Synchronization Between Vertically Adjacent Displays
  • Color-Matching Function Improves Color Performance with 6-Segment Color Correction
  • Refine Enhancer Function Improves Detail Resolution for Crisp and Clear Images
  • Preset Optimal Image Mode Available via Application to Attract Customers’ Attention
  • Portrait Installation Without Compromising Panel Life


Easy Operation

  • Built-in USB Media Player Allows Playback of Video and Stills via USB
  • Multi-screen Image Synching via USB Terminals, Set-top Box Not Required
  • Easily Update Display Content on USB via LAN Network After Installation
  • USB Cloning Function Allows Settings to Be Copied and Shared Between Displays for Easy Video Wall Management
  • Pre-Calibration Before Shipment to Minimize Color Differences Between Panels
  • Compatible with Optional Installation Mount for Easy Setup and Placement


High Reliability

  • Engineered for Continuous 24-hour Operation in Public Spaces, Surveillance Centers, and Retail Installations
  • Failover and Failback Function Immediately Switches to Alternative Input if Primary Signal is Interrupted
  • Supports Free Video Wall Manager Software to Calibrate Display Color Using a Color Sensor and to Manage Data via PC
  • Supports Auto Display Adjustment Upgrade Kit (TY-VUK10)*3, Automatically Adjusting Color and Brightness Levels of Multiple Displays Using an Externally Connected Camera*2
  • Early Warning Software (ET-SWA100)*3 Allows Failures to Be Anticipated or More Easily Identified

*1 Bezel-to-bezel distance means the combined top and bottom (or left and right) bezel width of adjacent displays in multi-screen configuration. The gap between displays is not included. *2 Compatible camera: Nikon D5200/D5300 (or successor model), *3 Optional products.


Video Wall Displays

Panasonic’s bezel-less, high-resolution, video wall displays are ideal for both rental and staging, as well as large signage for a variety of applications and locations.

Video walls consist of multiple screens grouped together to form one large display. The professional displays of the LFV Series are specifically designed for use in video walls as they have an ultra-narrow bezel in order to minimize any interruption between the active display screens. As with all Panasonic products, video wall displays are built with long-term serviceability as one of our primary considerations.

Combining a robust design and ultra-narrow bezel with outstanding image clarity, high-brightness and wide-viewing angles thanks to the direct LED back-lit IPS panel, excellent colour range and low power consumption make this an outstanding display for signage. The reduced bezel design makes it a perfect choice for large video walls and control room displays. The superb high brightness displays deliver a crystal clear, crisp picture while at the same time offering exceptional energy savings. The Panasonic Video Wall Displays offer the perfect display solution for large-scale viewing environments such as exhibitions, sporting events, control rooms, airports and train stations.


Use Panasonic video wall displays for long distance or close up information display thanks to high pixel density

Panasonic Video Walls are a great way to visually display an array of information and content especially where high brightness and wide viewing angles are needed. They can be used across a multitude of industries and are often found in control rooms, sports stadiums, in fact any large public venue. Due to the high pixel density in our displays, smaller venues can also benefit from the advantages of Panasonic video wall displays where customers have a need to view the screens both up close and at a distance.

Ideal for:

  • Public information display
  • Store signage
  • Rental and staging
  • Control rooms
  • Broadcast studios

Product Information

Product Code
Screen Size
Interactive Touch Screen
Bezel Size
Indoor / Outdoor
Tiled Multi-Display
LCD Panel
LFV60 Series Video Wall Signage Display


Full HD (1920 x 1080)
24/7 Landscape / Portrait
700 cd/m2
Yes (up to 10 x 10)