NovaStar NovaPro UHD 3-In-One Controller Range

Key Features
  • 10.4 million pixel load capacity
  • 16 Neutrik output ports
  • Support for a variety of inputs and outputs
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NovaStar NovaPro Range

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Key Features
  • 10.4 million pixel load capacity
  • 16 Neutrik output ports
  • Support for a variety of inputs and outputs

The NovaPro UHD Range are all-in-one LED controllers developed by NovaStar.

NovaStar NovaPro UHD 3-In-One Controller Range

By integrating video processing, video control and LED screen configuration functions into one controller, these products are capable of receiving a variety of video signals, processing and sending images of resolutions up to ultra HD 4K×2K@60Hz and 8K×1K@60Hz.

Products in the range include: NovaStar NovaPro UHD | NovaStar NovaPro UHD Jr

NovaStar NovaPro UHD

  • Up to 8K display width or height of a single device
  • HDR function to make images finer and smoother
  • A variety of input connectors: 4×12G-SDI connectors with loop output functions, 1×HDMI 2.0 with loop output functions, and 1×DP 1.2
  • The input card can be HDMI or DVI along with an additional optional card slot
  • 16× Neutrik etherCON outputs, 4× 10G fibre optical outputs with copy and hot backup modes
  • 6× layers, 1×OSD, 1×LOGO, and 1×BKG. 2× layers up to 4K×2K, 4× layers up to 2K×1K, which can be scaled and are priority adjusted by z-order
  • OSD supports cropping, transparency adjustment, adding dynamic/static images and position adjustment
  • MultiViewer monitoring settings, including monitoring of input sources, PVW, PGM, or mixed preview
  • Powerful image processing capability to realize low latency from input to output
  • Remote data transmission via a Gigabit ethernet port or fibre optical connector

NovaStar NovaPro UHD Jr

  • 8K×1K / 4K×2K, free scaling to any size with crisp post-scaled image
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) support. Wide colour gamut and high contrast for the ultimate visual experience
  • A variety of input connectors: DP 1.2, HDMI2.0, 2x 12G-SDI, 4x DVI
  • 4× DVI inputs – Support linking together into a single independent 4K×2K / 8K×1K input
  • 16× Neutrik etherCON ports and 4 optical ports, reaching 10.4 million pixel loading capacity
  • Genlock, ensuring that multiple linked units maintain synchronization
  • Ultra-low latency, making sure the display matches the live action
  • Supports 3D function with scaling and splicing
  • Works as either sending card or optical converter useful for long-distance transmission
  • Support Capture source image as BKG display

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