Mole-Richardson TUNGSTEN PAR Range

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Introducing Hollywood's first dedicated 2kW, 5kW and 12kW Tungsten Pars. The Mole-Richardson TUNGSTEN PAR Range, are based on the design characteristics of the popular DayLite HMI Pars, but using a conventional 2,000 / 5,000 / 12,000 watt incandescent source.

Unlike traditional luminaries, the Tungsten Par uses a specifically designed General Electric Halogen lamp intended for Axial Operation. By placing the lamp on its side and using a highly polished Parabolic reflector, the Tungsten Par is able to achieve output comparable to a standard Fresnel. The fixture has visual and tactile focal indicators to determine lamp position and, when used with the interchangeable lenses, the field of light can be fine-tuned for optimum beam control.

Other features include:

  • A trough skid for operating and safe transportation
  • A low-profile yoke with a 5/8″ baby receiver (Type 6731)
  • Adjustable yoke pivot point (Type 6741, Type 6571)
  • A locking, hinged front door for easy lamping
  • An onboard 2kW / 5kW / 12kW switch
  • 25′ 12/3 Edison extension (Type 6731)
  • 60amp / 100amp stage pin “pig-tail” (Type 6741, Type 6571)

Product Range - TUNGSTEN PAR Range

Product Code Colour Power Beam Angle
Type 6731 (2,000 Watt Tungsten Par)


Tungsten 2,000 Watts 9° to 50.2°
Type 6741 (5,000 Watt Tungsten Par)


Tungsten 5,000 Watts 9° to 53.5°
Type 6751 (12,000 Watt Tungsten Par)


Tungsten 12,000 Watts 5° to 29°