Mole-Richardson 36,000W MOLEQUARTZ MOLEPAR Flood Light

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The Mole-Richardson 36,000W MOLEQUARTZ MOLEPAR Flood Light is for lighting large areas. The high intensity output of this fixture permits a minimum number of units for the required lighting level.

For Television and Film, use the 3200°K globes for night lighting and the Dichroic Filter globes for daylight booster. Each bank of four globes swivels for beam control. Eighteen switches control light intensity (two for each bank.) Individual globes rotate 360° to orient oval beam pattern to horizontal or vertical configuration. Globes easily changed with snap rings. Available for the “Moleeno” is a set of 4 extension arms and 6’ x 12’ diffuser frame.


  • Rating: 120/240 volts. A.C. or D.C., 300 amps max – 36,000 watts max.
  • Switch: 2 toggle switches mounted on back of each 4 light bank. Each toggle switch operates 2 lamps. Other optional wiring available upon request.
  • Cable: Attached 3 foot #8/3 Type SO cable in each bank with MC257G pin connector.
  • Yoke: Tubular steel with removable 1 ⅛” dia. steel yoke pin. Yoke can be disassembled into 2 sections.
  • Finish: Maroon Powder Coat Enamel.
  • Size: 90” wide x 41 ½” tall x 6 ½” deep.
  • Head Weight: 198 lbs. (w/cable, w/o globes)
  • Head Weight: 260 lbs. (w/cable, w/globes)
  • Socket: Connector for Mogul End-Prong PAR-64 globe.
  • Beam Control: Pivoted globe modules permit variable beam coverage.
  • Head: Type 5791, 36,000 watts.

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36,000 Watts