Mole-Richardson 1,000W MOLEQUARTZ MOLEPAR Flood Light

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The Mole-Richardson 1,000W MOLEQUARTZ MOLEPAR Flood Light is a multi-purpose fixture for studio, location or remote use. Lightweight and compact, it uses the highly efficient Quartz Par-64 fixed-focus globes, including the Quartz Par-64 Dichroic globes, for very narrow spot and medium flood. Diffuse and Specular Intensifiers are available for boosting the light output. Excellent when used with intensifier for high speed photography. Globe may be rotated for positioning oval shaped beam to horizontal or vertical. Separate Dichroic and Blue Molocolor Daylight Conversion Filters mount in diffuser clips. Equipped with safety screen.


  • Head(s): Type 2271, 1,000 watts.
  • Rating: 120/240 volts, A.C. or D.C., 8.3 amps max. – 1,000 watts max.
  • Switch: Thru-cord type in cable.
  • Cable: 25 feet., Type SO, 3 conductor #16 AWG (Specify type of plug when ordering.)
  • Yoke: Cast aluminum. Fits any standard ⅝” dia. stand spud or ⅝” hanger spud.
  • Finish: Maroon Powder Coat Enamel.
  • Size: 9 ¼” diameter x 7 ¾” long.
  • Head Weight: 7 ¾ lbs. (w/cable.)
  • Socket: Connector for Mogul End-Prong PAR-64 globe.
  • Beam Control: Various globe and intensifier combinations for spot, flood and intensity control. Oval beam pattern may be oriented by rotating the lamp housing.

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1,600 Watts