Luminex GigaCore 30i

Key Features
  • 10Gb Connectivity
  • PoE++
  • AV validated for real applications

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Key Features
  • 10Gb Connectivity
  • PoE++
  • AV validated for real applications

The Luminex GigaCore 30i is a 10Gb Network switch for converged AV networks used for installation, integration and touring.

Luminex GigaCore 30i

GigaCore 30i comes  fully optimized out of the box to be used with the most advanced AV protocols. Preconfigured Quality of Service (QoS), IGMP multicast, and PTPv2 settings will assure a responsive and extremely stable network environment for the most demanding time-critical audio protocols like Dante™, AES67, Q-SYS, and many more.

With up to 1000W of total PoE budget and PoE++ on every copper port, this GigaCore switch can drive any IP PTZ camera or loudspeaker on the market today.

A robust yet silent design allows you to use GigaCore in any AV environment. The fans are speed controlled to have minimal noise impact and guarantee a long-life operation. This allows you to place the GigaCore in even the most quiet environments like theatres and studios.

GigaCore 30i features

  • Most suitable applications: Fixed installations
  • RLinkX (Link redundancy): Yes
  • Groups (VLAN segmentation): Yes
  • MultiLinkX (Link aggregation): Yes
  • Profile manager: Yes
  • Memory: Flash 1Gb RAM – 8Mb NOR flash 4Gb EMMC storage
  • MAC address table: 16384 entries
  • Address learning / Aging: Self learning, Auto aging
  • Switching throughput: 168Gbps
  • Jumbo frames: MTU up to 12000
  • IGMP support: Yes (V1/V2/V3)
  • IGMP snooping: Yes, enabled by default
  • Port sensing: Auto negotiation
  • Auto crossover: MDI / MDIX
  • Auto sensing: Full or Half Duplex (Gigabit is Full Duplex)

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Product Range - GigaCore 30i

Product Code PoE++ 2nd Power Supply
Luminex GigaCore 30i - 24x1G - 6x10G (SFP+) - PoE++ - 2nd PSU 550W


Yes 550W
Luminex GigaCore 30i - 24x1G - 6x10G (SFP+) - PoE++


Yes No
Luminex GigaCore 30i - 24x1G - 6x10G (SFP+) - 2nd PSU 100W


No 100W
Luminex GigaCore 30i - 24x1G - 6x10G (SFP+)


No No