Luminex ETHERNET-DMX2 DMX Converter Range

Key Features
  • Convert ArtNet, sACN and RTTrPL (BlackTrax) to DMX with full RDM support
  • Setup, manage and monitor from LumiNet Monitor
  • POE power

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Key Features
  • Convert ArtNet, sACN and RTTrPL (BlackTrax) to DMX with full RDM support
  • Setup, manage and monitor from LumiNet Monitor
  • POE power

An extreme powerful Ethernet-to-DMX converter with a custom merging engine for pro lighting solutions.

Stream up to 300 universes

Convert ArtNet, sACN, RTTrPL (BlackTrax) … to DMX and easily come with up to 300 universes.

Easy set-up through web interface

Load any pre-configured set-up profiles through the easy-to-use web interface.

Custom merging engine

With custom merging you can control specific parameters of fixtures with different sources.

Full RDM support

Setup, manage and monitor all your lighting devices from one central place: LumiNet Monitor.

PoE powered only

Don’t worry about power plugs anymore. This Ethernet-DMX unit can only be powered over Ethernet (PoE).

Power up your creativity.

Stop limiting your creativity by technical restrictions. Luminex Ethernet-DMX converters are extreme powerful nodes designed for professional lighting projects. The powerful processor that can cope with up to 300 universes, the engine for custom merging and the re-routing feature for visualising merged results make the Ethernet-DMX converters very high-end and truly unique products.

Don’t worry about power plugs.

All our truss mounted and DIN-rail Ethernet-DMX converters can be powered through PoE or/and with direct power. Just connect everything over ethernet and don’t worry about power cables anymore. (Rack mounted converters have optional PoE while wall mounted units can only be powered over Ethernet)

Full RDM support: never climb the truss again.

All Ethernet-DMX units fully support all RDM features, which enable users to setup, manage and monitor every connected unit directly from LumiNet Monitor or any other RDM controller.


The Ethernet-DMX2 Truss MkII has been designed to fulfill the need of a small, rugged and efficient converter. Fitted in a robust enclosure, the Ethernet-DMX2 / Truss MkII offers all the great functionalities of the Ethernet-DMX engine. The unit is powered through a Neutrik Powercon connector, but can also be powered over Ethernet (PoE). Thanks to its versatile design, the unit can be used either in desktop or truss mounted applications.

The Ethernet-DMX2 Wall MkII is a redesigned version of our popular truss mount model. We felt the need for a practical wall mounted version dedicated to be integrated in power distribution boxes and other installations. The unit offers the same features as the other products from the Ethernet-DMX converter range.

  • Merging engine: Yes
  • Softpatch: Yes
  • Trigger system: Yes
  • ReRoute: Yes
  • Profile manager: Yes
  • Snapshot: Yes
  • Monitoring software: LumiNet Monitor V2 (free)

Product Range - ETHERNET-DMX2 DMX Converter Range

Product Code
Inlet Ports
Outlet Ports
Ethernet-DMX2 Truss


2 x Neutrik EtherCON
2 x 5 pin XLR
Truss Mounted
Ethernet-DMX2 Wall


1 x Neutrik EtherCON
2 x 5 pin XLR
Wall Mounted