LSC Control Systems UNITY

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Designed for the next generation of lighting and power control, the LSC Control Systems UNITY installation dimmer system is a hybrid dimming/power cabinet system that combines traditional dimming with the latest technologies of LED control and direct power relays.

UNITY provides the perfect solution for new installations or as a retrofit for an outdated system. With the ability to control any load including LEDs, incandescent, neon and fluorescent fixtures, UNITY also allows you to set any channel to become a TruPower relay – perfect for powering moving lights, AV equipment and special FX.

UIR – UNITY Installation Rack

The UIR is a cabinet enclosure available in either a 48-way or 96-way format, prewired to accept any of the three 12-channel output modules – dimmer module (UDM), switching module (USM) and the LED module (ULM). 6-channel output modules are permanently installed in the UIR and cannot be interchanged into other positions.

The UIR provides a medium to high-density installation, each with a UNITY Control Module (UCM) installed and provision for up to four (48-way) or eight (96-way) output modules.

UCM – UNITY Control Module

With a large colour touchscreen and simple user interface, the UCM is the heart of the UIR system – designed to configure and control the output modules, display the current system status, report any fault conditions and act as a control and reporting proxy to the outside world.

UDM – UNITY Dimmer Module

The UDM is a 12-channel x 10/16A or a 6-channel x 25A 4RU dimmer output module incorporating LSC’s revolutionary and highly successful GenVI dimmer core. Utilising TruPower and PTFD (Pulse Transformer Fired Dimming) technology, each channel can be configured for direct power control or for dimming traditional fixtures.

ULM – UNITY LED module

The ULM is a 12-channel x 6A 4RU LED dimmer and relay output module for power control providing all the key features and capabilities of the USM plus more.

USM – UNITY Switch Module

The USM is a 12-channel x 10/16A or a 6-channel x 25A 4RU relay only output module for direct power control.

Zero-cross switching ensures that switched power circuits are turned on at the zero-cross point to minimise nuisance tripping when circuits are relay controlled.