LSC Lighting Systems UNITY Installation Dimmer System

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UNITY Installation Dimmer System

The Power to Control

Designed for the next generation of lighting and power control, UNITY is a hybrid dimming/power cabinet system that combines traditional dimming with the latest technologies of LED control and direct power relays.

UNITY provides the perfect solution for new installations and as a retrofit for an outdated system. With the ability to control any load including LEDs, incandescent, neon and fluorescent fixtures, UNITY also allows you to set any channel to become a TruPower relay – perfect for powering moving lights, AV equipment and special FX.

UCM – Control Module

The heart of the system is the Unity Control Module (UCM) with an 18cm LCD colour touch screen, and a simple ‘App’ user interface where the use of icons make for intuitive control and system configuration. However, once the system is programmed the UCM is not essential for system operation but will continue to monitor and report current status information to a central controller over RDM or via LSCs Houston II reporting system.

UIR – Installation Rack

Available in two sizes, for 4 or 8 modules (48 or 96 channels) the UIR cabinet provides mains power distribution, output circuit termination panels, DMX & ethernet connections and cooling for the Unity system.

With dedicated modules, each 48w or 96w cabinet can be loaded with any of the following 12ch modules enabling the venue to customise their system as required:

  • UDM – Dimming/TRUPower Relay bypass module
  • ULM – LED dimming/TRUPower Relay bypass module
  • USM – Switching Relay module


UDM – Dimmer Module

Based on the successful and revolutionary GenVI dimmer with TruPower technology pioneered by LSC in 2010, the UNITY Dimming module (UDM) provides 12 channels of control. Each channel can be individually configured for direct power control or for dimming of traditional lamps.

ULM – LED dimming module

The Unity LED Dimming Module (ULM) is a 12ch LED dimming module utilising our patented LedDrive technology, along with all the features of the UDM module. Each channel can be configured for direct power control or for dimming either traditional lamps or leading edge phase controlled dimmable LEDs. Rated at 6A per channel. Perfect for the control of LED house lights and LED practicals on stage!

USM – Switching Relay Module

The 12ch switching Relay module is a dedicated switching device that uses sophisticated control to ensure that the initial switch on and switch off are at a point where the mains voltage is around zero volts (zero crossing point). This prevents any issues including stress on devices it is powering and helps to reduce in-rush current to the connected load and stop nuisance tripping, resulting in a more stable and functional system.