LSC Control Systems UNITOUR Portable Power Solution

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The LSC Control Systems UNITOUR is a premium portable power solution for video, audio and lighting for the events, touring, film and TV markets.

LSC Control Systems UNITOUR Portable Power Solution

Its 48-channel modular system can be fitted with power switching modules for audio and video users or with dual-mode TruPower dim/switch modules for lighting operators. Safety for both the operator and the attached equipment is what makes UNITOUR special.

UNITOUR Features

  • Protection plus -UNITOUR delivers the ultimate protection for you and your audio, video and lighting gear. Features include RCBO (residual current circuit breakers) per output channel, optional 400A mains breaker with optional programmable RCD, dropped neutral protection and ZCSS (Zero-Cross Soft-Start) on start-up power switching and safety features that ensure maximum protection of your expensive inventory and more importantly, your people.


  • Interrogate – On large complex show systems, it is vitally important to monitor what is happening within your system – from anywhere. UNITOUR solves this issue and can be interrogated by a number of options: locally on the large 18cm touchscreen or remotely via LSC’s HOUSTON X configuration and monitoring software package or using RDM via the front panel XLR5 connectors or over Ethernet using the Art-RDM protocol.


  • On the pulse – Keep on top of the situation and identify problems before others see them. The UNITOUR’s clever software monitoring provides real-time current voltage and current monitoring per phase, as well as current per channel. The maximum inrush current per channel is logged with a time/date stamp. The optional SMS service allows the rack to send a text message directly to a tech when specified alarms are triggered.


  • Configure without 3-phase – No more frustrating and time-consuming factory configurations and setup by lugging cumbersome 400A mains feeds or multiple power adaptors to get your system configured in the factory. The UNITOUR only requires a PoE Ethernet switch to connect to the UHM control module for configuration locally or via LSC’s HOUSTON X via a laptop or tablet.


  • Dimming option – The best-value smart power distribution unit on the market with staggered channel start, ZCSS (Zero-Cross Soft-Start) and auto-power mode, plus you get dimming selectable on any channel for free! (If the UDMT module is installed.) A totally flexible unit for control of conventional, LED or moving lights and provides perfect power solutions for LED/video walls and audio systems.


  • Earth leakage monitoring – Have you ever had an RCD trip without knowing why? UNITOUR solves this by measuring the Earth Leakage Current of each output in real-time. If the level of any channel/s exceed the specified rating, an alarm is triggered. This Patent Pending technology allows the user to see how close they are to tripping the RCBO and take preventative action before a fault occurs.

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