Draper FocalPoint

Key Features
  • Easy to assemble
  • Flat viewing surface for better image quality
  • Custom surfaces and sizes are available

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Key Features
  • Easy to assemble
  • Flat viewing surface for better image quality
  • Custom surfaces and sizes are available

Draper's FocalPoint® gives AV rental dealers the opportunity to improve their ROI while streamlining their inventory thanks to its modular design.

FocalPoint® portable projection screen utilises interchangeable parts of the same frame pieces to create different size viewing formats.  Sizing flexibility streamlines inventory and enables a greater return on initial investment making it ideal for the AV rental market, churches, or commercial applications.  Simplicity of design and rugged components allow the FocalPoint to withstand the rigors of repeated set-ups and tear-downs.  The lightweight, yet extremely rigid and durable modular frame is field repairable.  It comes with Draper’s unique DuraLoop™ bungee system and features easy, quick attachment of the viewing surface.  Self-centering tension keeps the surface taut for a truly flat viewing surface providing better image quality.

Draper FocalPoint product features

  • Case dimensions are 16-3/8″ high x 17-1/4″ deep x 60″ long (42 cm x 44 cm x 152 cm).
  • Maximum image area width up to 20′ (610 cm) wide, depending on surface selection.
  • Black border on all four sides of the viewing surface extends past the edge of the perimeter frame to hide the DuraLoops™ and frame post.
  • Frame available in black with colour-coded sections for easy assembly. Optional anodised silver finish available upon request.
  • Viewing surface easily attaches to perimeter frame with DuraLoop™ bungee cord loops.
  • Includes viewing surface pouch, protective floor tarps, carrying cases, and leg kit.
  • Dress kit available with Inherently Flame Retardant (IFR) velour.
  • Includes heavy-duty, moulded polyethylene wheeled carrying case.
  • Available with interchangeable front or rear projection surfaces.
  • Custom surfaces and sizes are available.
  • Front/rear kits come with black anodised frame, surface, legs and carry case(s)


How To: Assembling a FocalPoint Modular Projection Screen by Draper, Inc.


FocalPoint is available in the following off-the-shelf sizes

  • 16:10 WUXGA Format

    Image Area Diagonal Image Area H x W (cm) Overall size H x W (cm)
    94”/239cm 127 x 203 157 x 234
    113″/287cm 152 x 244 173 x 264
    142″/361cm 190 x 305 218 x 325
    170″/432cm 229 x 366 249 x 386
    198″/503cm 267 x 427 295 x 447
    226″/574cm 305 x 488 325 x 508
    255″/648cm 343 x 549 371 x 569
    283″/719cm 381 x 610 401 x 630

  • 16:9 HD Format

    Image Area Diagonal Image Area H x W (cm) Overall size H x W (cm)
    92″/234cm 114 x 203 142 x 234
    110″/280cm 137 x 244 157 x 264
    138″/351cm 171 x 305 203 x 325
    165″/419cm 206 x 366 234 x 386
    193″/490cm 240 x 427 264 x 447
    220″/559cm 274 x 488 295 x 508
    248″/630cm 309 x 549 340 x 569
    275″/699cm 343 x 610 371 x 630

  • 4:3 NTSC/PAL Format

    Image Area Diagonal Image Area H x W (cm) Overall size H x W (cm)
    100″/254cm 152 x 203 173 x 234
    120″/305cm 183 x 244 203 x 264
    150″/381cm 229 x 305 249 x 325
    180″/457cm 274 x 366 295 x 386
    210″/534cm 320 x 427 340 x 447
    240″/610cm 366 x 488 386 x 508
    270″/686cm 411 x 549 432 x 569
    300″/762cm 457 x 610 478 x 630


FocalPoint is available with a variety of different projection surfaces;


Matt White XT1000VB – Perfect matt white diffusing surface, Matt White XT1000VB is formulated to reflect a uniformly bright image over complete 180° viewing cone with precise resolution and accurate colour balance. Recommended for use with all types of projectors providing ambient light can be reasonably controlled. Surface comes with black backing and is GREENGUARD Gold certified.



CineFlex CH1200V – Neutral grey rear projection diffusing surface with a moderate viewing cone, CineFlex CH1200V provides high resolution and excellent contrast, even in well-lit rooms. Recommended for use with low to medium output projectors.



TecVision – ten surfaces make up the current TecVision family of viewing surfaces and the applications for which they are best suited. All TecVision surfaces are engineered for high contrast, precise resolution, colour accuracy and the broadest possible viewing cone. All TecVision non-perforated surfaces offer superior quality, consistency, uniformity and are 8K ready. All NanoPerforated TecVision surfaces are 4K ready.