Claypaky Tambora Batten

Key Features
  • 16 x 40W RGBW Osram LEDs
  • Highly efficient light output (8,500 lm)
  • 4° to 50° zoom range, zoom repositioning with DMX off
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Key Features
  • 16 x 40W RGBW Osram LEDs
  • Highly efficient light output (8,500 lm)
  • 4° to 50° zoom range, zoom repositioning with DMX off

The Claypaky Tambora Batten offers advanced pixel mapping capabilities and a unique three-layer selection option. With this feature the operator may choose to use three levels of effects at the same time.

You can simultaneously choose a background colour, an internal built-in sequence, and video content coming from an external source – switching between all the layers quickly and easily. The three-layer selection and the separate manageable pixel array (basic module – pixel module) allow you to expand programming possibilities and quickly create complex FX.

With the Tambora Batten, you can achieve two dramatically different visual effects by choosing one of two lens options. Depending upon your application, one may be preferred over the other. The round lens is more suitable for pixel mapping uses, while the square lens is appealing for single blade and aerial effects – offering a more uniform and well-defined beam of light. Both lens options are interchangeable and available as accessories.

Powered by sixteen Osram 40W RGBW LEDs, this fixture offers complete control and calibration of each LED cell for dynamic pixel mapping effects. Users may control the colour, intensity and strobe rate of each engine individually or as one. The battens can be arranged seamlessly in a line or in a matrix while maintaining equal distance between the LED engines where fixtures connect. This allows for uniform appearance of the engines both side-by-side and also top to bottom.

The Tambora Batten offers a linear zoom from 4° to 50° with auto-retreat / reposition capability in the absence of a DMX signal, a 5-curve, 24-bit dimmer with output colour balance, a tilt range of over 220°, a 2500-8000K CTC, beam edge softening control for soft uniform washes, “anti-halo” lens covers, and 4 operating modes.


  • 5-curve, 24-bit dimmer with output colour balance
  • Adjustable tilt over 220°
  • Individual LED control for each parameter
  • Individual pixel calibration from display or console via DMX
  • Unique 3-layer system (Colour – Internal Shape – Pixel Mapping)
  • Separate, manageable pixel array basic module – pixel module
  • White CT emulation 2500K-8000K
  • Beam edge softening control in wash mode
  • Exclusive parallel beam consisting of an array of individually controllable micro-beams
  • Enhanced electronic engine for dynamic beam pattern design, with digital accuracy and repeatability
  • External frame for gel and frost filters
  • Anti-halo lens covers
  • 4 Operating modes: Constant – Auto – Silent – Theatre
  • Control signal: USITT DMX 512. Protocols: RDM, WebServer, Art-Net and sACN
  • Arkaos Kling-Net protocol already included in the firmware
  • DMX channels: 13/17/27/29/35
  • Pixel engine: 48 and 64 channels
  • CloudIO ready: fully compatible with CloudIO
  • Input Power: 660 VA@230Vac 50Hz
  • Weight: 15.5 kg / 34.2 lbs
  • Size (LxWxH): 105 x 1000 x 288mm / 4.13 x 39.4 x 11.3 in
  • Two versions are available and interchangeable: round-sized lenses (Tambora Batten Round) or square-sized lenses (Tambora Batten Square)