Claypaky Axcor Profile 600

Key Features
  • 500W white LED engine
  • Ø 132mm front lens
  • 5.3°- 47.2° linear zoom
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Key Features
  • 500W white LED engine
  • Ø 132mm front lens
  • 5.3°- 47.2° linear zoom

In the crowded world of medium-high power lights, the Claypaky Axcor Profile 600 stands out for its excellent combination of high performance, exceptional light quality, and versatility of use. It fits a 500W white LED engine, available in two versions: with high output 6,500K colour temperature, or - alternatively - with 5,600K colour temperature and a CRI of around 90.

The luminous efficiency is among the highest in this power category, and, if necessary, it can be further increased by about 25% thanks to “boost mode” (available on the standard version and on the HC version), making Axcor Profile 600 a perfect tool for tours and large events.

A wide zoom range from 5.3° to 47.2° (1:9 ratio) means the light can be used in a variety of situations, including those for which a narrow angle is best. The wide variety of colours, its great wealth of visual effects, its framing system implemented with technological devices that enhance its precision and versatility, the possibility of using it as a wash light, make the Axcor Profile 600 an essential benchmark for all modern entertainment uses.


  • Versions available:
    – CRI: at least 70, CT 6500K (Axcor Profile 600 and ST)
    – CRI: at least 90, CT 5600K (Axcor Profile 600 HC and HC-ST)
  • CMY + Linear CTO
  • One colour wheel with 5 colours
  • One rotating gobo wheel with 7 gobos
  • Rotating 4-facet prism
  • Animation wheel (interchangeable with fixed gobo wheel)
  • Motorised framing system with 4 focal planes
  • Framing system indexable over 90 degrees
  • Variable frost filter
  • Iris with multiple macros (random, pulsing…)
  • Electronic linear dimmer, 16 bit and 4 curves
  • Electronic strobe @25 f/sec.
  • Weight: 33kg (72.7lbs)