ArchWork LEDSTRIP IP68 Range

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The ArchWork LEDSTRIP IP68 LED tape range are flexible LED strips based on SMD5050 technology, conceived as dynamic effect or colour changer for indoor / outdoor applications.


  • For immersion in swimming pool, fountain or environment with high humidity
  • Lighting of backgrounds, walls, shop window, in various environments like discos, clubs or showcase
  • Behind translucent plexiglass panels to create slowly changing coloured surfaces or ceilings
  • Architectural lighting in indoor applications (stairway, archway, bridges)
  • Flexibility allows to be easily bended to follow the curves of any object



  • Ingress protection: IP68 with double silicon resin
  • PCB circuit colour: white
  • Reel Length: 5000mm (5m)
  • Quick and easy mounting through optional screw clamp (LSCLAMP1) or sticky clamps (LSCLAMP2, LSCLAMP3)


Control and Power Supply

  • DC12V power supply through LSPW series (optional)
  • Easy application and wiring, LEDSTRIP can be easily cut to size according to user requirements without damaging the rest of strip length
  • Power output to link more LEDSTRIP in a chain

Product Range - LEDSTRIP IP68 Range

Product Code Colour Power LEDs/mt Operating Temperature Dimensions


RGBW 18 W/mt 30 -40°/+40° 5000 x 14,5 mm


RGB (range of other colours available) 16 W/mt 60 -40°/+40° 5000 x 12,5 mm


RGB (range of other colours available) 8 W/mt 30 -40°/+40° 5000 x 12,5 mm