Chroma-Q 2inspire

Key Features
  • IP20 and IP65 applications
  • 2,400K to 6,500K broadcast grade whites
  • Gen3 LED engine

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Key Features
  • IP20 and IP65 applications
  • 2,400K to 6,500K broadcast grade whites
  • Gen3 LED engine

The new Chroma-Q® 2inspire™ family delivers truly flexible lighting into any space, quickly and efficiently. 2inspire is a compact, silent, bright fixture available in three sizes. These installation luminaires deliver studio-grade tuneable white light and pure theatrical quality colours. A holistically designed accessory collection easily mounts each fixture - on a wall, as a pendant, in a ceiling, or from a yoke. Innovative technology minimises deployment costs and maximises efficiency, making every 2inspire flexible, sustainable, and durable.

Chroma-Q 2Inspire

2inspireThe 2inspire family provides a rich, full range of colour and pure tuneable whites. The new Chroma-Q Gen3 LED engine – designed, built, and calibrated in North America – comes from over 20 years of experience at the very cutting edge of LED technology. It delivers 2,400K to 6,500K broadcast grade whites and pure theatrical colours using RGB, WW, and CW LEDs.

Minimising deployment time and cost

Each 2inspire requires just a single ethernet cable carrying both power and data.

Holistic accessory collection

2inspire colour output2inspire accessories are an intrinsic part of the design. Accessories should not just be an afterthought but an inherent part of the design. One source type, three sizes, four lens options, and over twenty accessories give hundreds of different physical configurations – including wall, pendant, ceiling, and yoke mounting – that can be quickly and easily adjusted on-site.

Precise, consistent control

Control your environment. Seamless color control and theatrical grade dimming of the precisely calibrated 2inspire LED engine deliver unmatched creativity. Fully convection-cooled, the 2inspire operates silently, even in the most noise-sensitive environments. The super-fast LED driver system ensures no flickering to the eye or high-speed cameras. Engineered for IP20 and IP65 applications is designed for your most creative applications.


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Product Range - 2inspire

Product Code Colour Lumen Output


RGB WW CW 500 Download spec


RGB WW CW 1200 Download spec


RGB WW CW 3000 Download spec