Litec design and manufacture standard, bespoke and custom truss systems for a wide range of entertainment applications. All products comply with national and international regulations for safe work practices.

Litec has established itself over the years as a reliable, innovative partner that offers technologically advanced products and cutting-edge support services, strongly rooted in the company values of quality, innovation and safety.

Litec manufactures systems for all kinds of live entertainment events, theme parks and architectural installations to name but a few. The company has 20 years of experience in handling all kinds of aluminium constructions and provide solutions to customers all over the world.

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  • QX30SA General Purpose Truss

    Litec QX30SA General Purpose Truss comprises of square section aluminium twist-resistant truss with 29cm long sides with excellent size, weight, cost and performance characteristics.

  • QH30SA High Load Truss

    Litec QH30SA High Load Truss is square section heavy duty aluminium truss twist-resistant version with 29cm long sides.

  • QX40SA General Purpose Truss

    Litec QX40SA general purpose truss comprises square section aluminium twist-resistant truss with 40cm long sides, high load-bearing & twisting strength.

  • QH40SA High Load Truss

    Litec QH40SA High Load Truss is square section heavy duty twist-resistant aluminium truss with 40cm long sides.

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