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Dynamic Audio Device (DAD) manufactures cutting-edge professional loudspeakers and PA Systems, with products ranging from entry-level to the finest sounding point-source loudspeakers available at any price.

The Dynamic Audio Device range of professional loudspeaker solutions represents the perfect balance of cutting-edge technologies, performance and price.

With their real affordability, state-of-the-art electronics and robust construction, the products deliver exceptional performance and value for live sound reinforcement applications.

DAD products fulfill the entry-level market with their Live X series, right up to the Touring Power series – one of the very finest sounding point-source loudspeaker solutions at any price.

Sectors & Applications. Where is Dynamic Audio Device used?

Dynamic Audio Device is used in the Live Sound, Pro Audio, Recording & Broadcasting sectors.

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Audio Resource Page – Here you’ll find resources for the audio equipment we sell and distribute.

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  • Fusion Series Speakers

    Dynamic Audio Device Fusion Series Speakers are specifically designed for professional audio applications to be used as front of house PA, side-fills and stage monitors. Available in both active and passive versions, the Fusion series offers D/AB-Class amplifiers with a switching mode power supply.

  • LIVEX Series Speakers

    Dynamic Audio Device LIVEX Series Active Speakers, ideal for live sound, corporate events and small installations. Professional and versatile PA speakers at an affordable price.

  • IKOS Series Speakers

    Dynamic Audio Device IKOS Series Speakers, available in active or passive versions with MP3 player. Ideal for small audio applications.

  • ARK Column Series Speakers

    Dynamic Audio Device ARK Column Series is a comprehensive range of column speakers and subwoofers aimed at both the installation and live sectors. The speakers offer an unprecedented level of performance at an affordable price point and are available in both black and white.

  • ARK Install Series Speakers

    Dynamic Audio Device ARK Install Series Speakers represent a brand new speaker solution for both the professional installation and corporate events industry.

  • BX Series Subwoofers

    Dynamic Audio Device BX Series Subwoofers come in 12″, 15″ and 18″ active versions, featuring Class D amplifiers, DSP with four different presets and state-of-the-art B&C components.

  • Power Amplifiers

    Dynamic Audio Device Power Amplifiers and audio solutions are an essential tool to enhance and maximise the potential of your PA system. Ideal for installations, live sound or corporate use, the Dynamic Audio Device amplifiers implement the latest technology and most reliable design and manufacturing techniques.

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