Claypaky Sharpy Plus Aqua: The powerfully bright IP65 Sharpy Plus that is not afraid to play in the rain

Claypaky Sharpy Plus Aqua: The powerfully bright IP65 Sharpy Plus that is not afraid to play in the rain

Designed in the spirit of the award-winning Sharpy Plus platform, the SHARPY PLUS AQUA luminaire is an IP65-rated moving head fixture perfect for perfect for temporary outdoor events & touring, permanent installations, cruise ships, and much more. This new fixture maintains the same performance features of its predecessor, the Sharpy Plus luminaire, in a new weather-resistant package; giving you greater flexibility in a single luminaire.

When designing a weather-resistant moving light, performance and features are often sacrificed. Not with the SHARPY PLUS AQUA luminaire. Claypaky addressed and enhanced the design of the SHARPY PLUS AQUA in critical areas to make sure this fixture maintains the brightness, efficiency, and performance you need and expect.

The cooling system was redesigned and optimized specifically for this new outdoor configuration for the Osram Sirius HRI® 330W X8 lamp currently used in the Sharpy Plus fixture. This lamp is a proven performer in its reliability, output, and being consistent in both brightness and color temperature.

Just like the Sharpy Plus, the SHARPY PLUS AQUA fixture offers two distinct operating modes – beam or spot. The 3° to 36° zoom covers the entire zoom range linearly with a beam that is always perfectly sharp and uniform in either mode. The SHARPY PLUS AQUA also offers the same complement of prisms, rotating and fixed gobos, color wheels, CMY color mixing, and more. So, if you need to use both the Sharpy Plus and SHARPY PLUS AQUA on a production, you can be assured of a consistent look and performance from these fixtures.

The SHARPY PLUS AQUA is also an appealing unit when you consider the value. At a price point every rental company will appreciate, you can take home a light with truly excellent performance, which you can use in a wide range of environments and entertainment venues, whether your requirements are for a beam or spot fixture, for indoor or temporary outdoor applications.

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